How To Buy the Perfect Cowboy Boots for You

How To Buy the Perfect Cowboy Boots for You
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Cowboy boots make an incredibly durable, versatile, and beautiful addition to any closet. Because there are so many styles to consider, buying the right boot can get a little complicated. If you’re looking to buy a quality pair that will last you for years, here’s how to buy the perfect pair of cowboy boots for you.

Know Your Size

Whether buying online or in person, knowing your size is critical for picking the perfect pair. For the perfect measurement, stand on a blank piece of paper wearing a pair of socks you’d wear with your boots. Hold the pencil as straight as possible and make a mark from the tip of your longest toe to the back of your heel; the length between the marks will tell you your size.

No two feet are the same, so be sure to measure both feet, and if one is bigger, go with the larger size. While the right pair won’t be the most comfortable at first, as you need to break into cowboy boots over time, it should be snug at the instep and the ball of the foot.

Decide on Fashion or Function

Part of the reason why cowgirl clothing is coming back into fashion is its versatility in style and functionality, and that includes cowboy boots. Choosing the right boot means determining the style and material that works for you. Will you be wearing your boots for hunting or outdoor work? Or will they be more of a fashion statement?

Some of the most popular leathers used in cowboy boots are cowhide, goat, ostrich, snake, and alligator. Cowhide is going to be your best choice for outdoor work, with goat leather coming in second. But ostrich is expensive, and snake and alligator leather need special care and maintenance to keep the tiling of the scales intact.

Choose the Right Style

Cowboy boot styles need their own section because there’s quite a bit to keep in mind, and the first thing you’ll want to consider is the shaft size, which is how high the boot rises up your leg. The typical shaft length is 12 inches, but you can find longer and shorter shafts depending on your sense of style. Buckaroo boots can go up to 17 inches, while ropers can be 10 inches or lower.

Cowboy boot heels also come in quite a few styles, such as traditional cowboy, riding, walking, roper, fashion, and fowler heels. As previously mentioned, which you choose will depend on what you need the boots for, but know that at first, every heel will have slippage on the inside. You should leave at least three-eighths of an inch for slippage.

Last, you’ll have to choose the correct toe box. While there are many types, there are four main styles to choose from: snip, rounded, square, and wide square. Square and wide-square-toe boxes are the most popular and excellent for everyday wear. Rounded-toe boxes are also comfortable but lean more towards the fashion end of the spectrum, with snip toe boxes being the most fashion-forward.

Ultimately, the best way to buy the perfect cowboy boot for you is to go to the store and try them on! Remember that it will take time for them to feel just right, but once they do, you won’t want to wear any other shoes.

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