How to choose a private university in Singapore?

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When applying to institutions in Singapore, most international students and their families focus on public institutions. In fact, after years of development, private universities in Singapore have greatly improved their teaching quality and level, and private schools with strong teachers are no worse than public schools.

And in recent years, more and more private institutions in Singapore have been recognized by multiple countries, and the list will continue to expand. This also means that the recognition of private schools in Singapore is getting higher and higher, and students who choose to study in private schools in Singapore no longer have to worry about the issue of academic certification.

But you should pay attention to the following 4 points when choosing a private university in Singapore:

#1 Edutrust Certification

Private schools in Singapore need to be approved by the Ministry of Education of Singapore before they can be established. Private institutions with higher assurance in teaching and administration usually have SQC accreditation or Case Trust accreditation and Edu Trust accreditation. And only private schools with EDU accreditation are eligible to enroll international students. Therefore, when choosing a Singapore private school, you need to pay attention to whether the school you are applying for has Edutrust certification.

#2 Overseas universities partnering with the school

Many private universities in Singapore have established academic partnerships with foreign universities. Graduates from such schools will be able to obtain bachelor’s and master’s degrees awarded by partner foreign universities. In this way, the reputation and recognition of a partner university will directly affect the recognition of international students’ diploma, so international students should also pay attention to the reputation and recognition of the school’s partner university when choosing a school.

#3 School time, teaching strength and facilities

In Singapore, the number of private institutions is huge, but the quality varies. Short-running, small-scale private colleges often cannot guarantee teaching quality and student status information certification, while long-running institutions with strong teaching strength and first-class facilities can be better guaranteed in terms of schooling quality and social recognition. Therefore, when choosing a private school in Singapore, international students should also pay attention to the school’s school-running practice, teaching strength and facilities to ensure that the school can provide students with a good education and environment.

#4 Graduate employment rate and social recognition

Graduate employment rate and social recognition are a reflection of the quality of education in colleges and universities. When choosing a school, you can check the employment rate of college graduates, whether they have close cooperative relations with local companies in Singapore, and the overall employment quality of graduates, etc. Because this information can reflect the level of the school and the popularity of students in the job market.

Private schools in Singapore provide international students with more options for studying abroad. However, compared with public schools, the quality of private schools in Singapore vary, which requires international students to pay extra attention when choosing a school to ensure that they can finally choose a recognized and right Singapore school.

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