How to Choose the Right Tubular Cam Lock

Tubular Cam Lock
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When you have a lot of tools, you need to be able to store them properly so that you can access them quickly and easily when needed. Tubular Cam Lock are one of the best ways to do this because they’re versatile and easy to use. They’re used in many different types of industries, including auto repair shops, bicycle garages, lock shops, etc., and they provide an easy way to organize your tools so that you don’t have to waste time digging through all your drawers looking for what you need when something breaks down on your vehicle or bike.

The Evolution of Hardware

Different kinds of hardware have been around for many decades. One thing that has changed is how many pieces are needed to complete a project. The tubular cam lock has made it possible for one person to put together an entire desk without any help. Now, there are usually five or six parts needed to assemble furniture; a cam lock and four bolts is enough most of the time. There are even versions of this type of cam lock where all you need is one bolt. These special types can be found on both metal and plastic desks because they allow for easy assembly without worrying about whether or not your bolt will fit in the hole. If you’re looking for a set up that will make life easier, choose the right Tubular Cam Lock!

Without having to worry about making sure everything lines up properly and fits into place, assembling furniture is much easier than it used to be. This means that instead of having multiple people assisting with putting together a chair or coffee table, you could do it yourself with no problem. It’s also worth noting that different types of locks work better than others depending on what surface your working with. For example, when attaching legs onto wooden tables, many people like using 3/8 through bolts along with swivel washers so things don’t end up wobbly later down the road. This might seem obvious if you’ve ever had trouble keeping chairs standing straight throughout dinner parties!

What is a Tubular Cam Lock?

Tubular Cam Lock are cylindrical devices that fit into holes in doors or other objects. The user inserts a key, rotates it in the direction of one of several notches on the inside of the device, and pushes down on a protrusion on the back end until a teeth-like barrier snaps into place to secure or open the door. These locks are used for many purposes such as locking up cabinets, drawers, bins, gates and doors around homes or businesses. They can also be used as makeshift security devices by locking up items like bicycles against poles or parking meters. A tubular cam lock works because the outer part is much larger than the inner tube which fits into its hole. When you turn the key, you put pressure on the edges of this gap, which forces them together so they snap shut tightly when you push down on the protrusion at the back end.

A Tubular Cam Lock appearance will vary depending on its size and application but there are certain factors that influence how these locks work. The diameter is determined by what size hole it needs to fill and how much pressure needs to be applied before it will close securely.

The Advantages of Using Tubular Cam Locks 

Tubular cam locks are popular for good reason. They offer all of the benefits of traditional locks and have some unique features that give them a distinct advantage. The cams inside a tubular cam lock are held in place by spring pressure, which makes them extra durable and resistant to accidental loosening. An integrated shield also protects against picking, drilling, and other tampering methods. A bolt is used to fasten the lock onto an object, such as a door handle or hinge pin. Unlike many competing types of locks, Tubular Cam Lock can be rekeyed without replacing the entire unit or removing it from its mounting point. To rekey one of these locks you need only remove two screws and replace one or more keys with new ones from your kit.

Considerations when Choosing a Tubular Cam Lock

First and foremost, consider what type of project your lock will be attached to. For example, a construction site with a locked gate may require more than one cam lock than a simple car port. The size and thickness of your gate will also play into this. Secondly, think about what level of security you want for your lock. Obviously, if it’s on a door in a public space then you’ll want more than just a basic set of cams. Next up is what happens when someone forces their way through with brute force? What if they use another object that needs to be made thinner so it can get through the gap? Finally, how easy is this lock going to be for people who legitimately need access?


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