How To Choose Your Clothing For An Abroad Trip?

Clothing For An Abroad Trip
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Traveling overseas is super fun. The thrill of landing on unknown soil, the jitters to meet strangers and make them friends, and new experiences packed in the memory book forever! Everything makes an international trip incredible. But most travelers get taken aback a little about what and how much to pack for an abroad trip. 

Surprisingly, packing light and looking fabulous is possible, at the same time, both on the plane and at your final destination, if you act smart. Whether you plan to travel for long, in multiple kinds of weather, or on versatile adventures, you might want to think through clothes in-depth. If you’re looking for the answers to “What should I wear?” and “How many clothes should I bring?”, this piece is for you. 

Here’s a checklist to mark before you choose clothes for your next international trip:


1. Estimate the Space Holding 

Saving space is the key to an excellent international trip. (You can thank us later!) When it comes to packing clothes, most travelers end up stuffing too much bulky apparel, which ultimately leads to overweight and over-packed luggage. Instead, you should pack clothes that gulp less space and give more utility. 

However, there’s an effective way to pack light yet optimum. Packing organizers help you carry more in less space while keeping the clothes organized neatly in your bags. With that said, you can carry trouser hangers, compression sacks, and packing folders to save lots of space in your luggage.

2. Look for Multi-purpose Clothes 

A trip abroad involves a variety of experiences and adventures. From cafe hopping, trekking, visiting restaurants, staying up for the nightlife, and sightseeing, to partying, your clothes should work almost in every setting. The bottom line is that your international luggage should have clothes that can be worn on multiple occasions in appealing styles.

However, you have to be careful while picking all-rounder clothes. For example, a maxi dress is the best for a beach day, brunch, and evening party, but a deep neck is a big no! Similarly, a skirt/shorts can cover most of your looks distinctly, but you have to know how short is too short in the end. 

3. Look for Clothes in Your Wardrobe That are Quick-dry 

Having clothes in baggage that dry in a snap is no less than a blessing on an international trip. Moreover, these quick-dry garments are usually made of lightweight fabric, giving you an additional advantage while traveling overseas. While packing, pick more clothes from your wardrobe that dry quickly and are easy to wash without much complicacies. 

On a trip abroad, things might happen faster than you thought. In such cases, carrying soggy clothes isn’t feasible when you must pack immediately and leave for the next destination. Hence, test your wardrobe clothes before you pack, and see which dries super-fast! 

4. Verify the Mix & Match Abilities of Your Travel Clothes 

The colors are mesmerizing. When you pack colorful clothes for your overseas trip, ensure each apparel mixes and matches with at least three other outfits. This way, you can wear the same piece of cloth at least thrice but differently. Doing this will only mean that you are an intelligent packer. 

Additionally, deciding on what colors to bring also depends on the destination. For instance, if it is a beach vacation, pack white linens, mint blue, yellows, and oranges. If you are hitting a romantic city like Paris, you should pack black, red, navy, and charcoal-colored outfits to mix and match. 

5. Pack Only Quality Apparel 

Do you want an embarrassing experience (ripping of clothes) to happen under your watch on your trip abroad, no right? Then, you should pack quality clothes in the first place before you fly to another country. Durable clothes accompany you for a long trip and give you comfort and warmth compared to the inferior ones.

However, it doesn’t mean that only branded and expensive clothes are durable. To your surprise, a few clothes from your daily wardrobe might have the most extended life cycle compared to your branded or designer outfits! Hence, always pick pieces of garment you can wear repeatedly but are ready to give up if their durability is compromised on the road.


Packing the right clothes decides the success of your trip abroad mostly. Bringing along heavy and unwanted clothes makes no sense. Plus, when you pack for your trip abroad, don’t take too many clothes worn by you for years already. 

The chances of them getting torn are mightier. Instead, develop a mindset to buy a piece or two new on the road and add fresh colors to your wardrobe during the trip. The more you are smart about things to pack, the better you enjoy your trip abroad. 

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