How to Combine PDF Files Into a Single PDF (5 Best Ways)

How to Combine PDF Files Into a Single PDF
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Yes, combining (merging) multiple PDF documents into an individual PDF seems like a daunting task. But, if you have accurate PDF combiner the process becomes easy. Now, it becomes easy to create cohesive PDF by swiftly combining two or more files into an individual document file.

Remember That!

Always seek for an online PDF merger that lets you maintain the size and orientation  of all the pages within the resultant PDF file. That’s where you have to start using online PDF combiner by that assists you to combine (merge) multiple PDF document files into a single PDF for free of cost. Even this PDF file merger does not distort the layout and file quality while combining.


TalkHelper PDF Converter:

TalkHelper provided you with the best PDF combiner software that allow you to combine multiple files into one within no time. Not only merging whole PDF document, this PDF merger for free loaded with the option to extract specific pages or even the ranges of page from different PDFs and simply join then into a new one PDF file.

By doing so, you can easily straightforwardly avoid unnecessarily merging content that is meaningless. For every task related to PDF combining, it preserves the original quality and content without any distortion. The most appealing reason to use this PDF file combiner is that it provided you with exceptional processing speeds with satisfactory results.

Why TalkHelper?

  • This pdf combiner allow you to quickly extract specific PDF pages or page ranges
  • High-quality outcomes regarding pdf merging
  • Allow you to proceed with combining an unlimited number of PDF pages
  • Works best for rearranging the order of the PDF files
  • You can even proceed with certain PDF splitting options

PDFSam Basic:

PDFSam Basic is indicated as an open-source medium that works as both PDF combiner and splitter. Now, you can easily make a selection for merging specific pages, pages ranges, or even the whole PDF files. This handy version PDF file combiner assists you pepople to organize the bookmarks of the merged PDF files – all you need to simply drop the existing ones to save space or even create new bookmarks altogether swiftly.

Moreover, you can be able to fetch the option to add a table of contents at the top of the combined PDF to attain hassle-free navigation.

Why PDFSam Basic?

  • Prior combining, you can be able to rotate pdf
  • Allow you to proceed with bookmark and AcroForm management options
  • You can be able to add a table of content contents
  • The upside is that it also functions as an avid PDF split tool
  • Works best to mix PDF document files without impacting on the quality of the resultant file
  • Allow you to proceed with partial pdf combining

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC:

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC will experts choice PDF combiner that lets you merge PDF documents without any information lost. Besides PDF combining, this handy medium allow you to organize the same document using several actions such as:

  • Extracting
  • Rotating
  • Splitting
  • Arranging
  • Inserting
  • Replacing

Thanks to this PDF joiner that provided you with professional file structures within no time that entirely save both time and effort. No matter whether you have native or scanned PDFs, this PDF file combiner will combine/merge them without any limitations. You can now arrange the documents and pages according to your needs by using its nifty drag-and-drop feature. Even you can find that it is loaded with large page thumbnails that assists you in identifying the pages easily.

Why Adobe Acrobat Pro DC?

  • function to split and merger PDF document while preserving original layout
  • This free PDF combiner loaded with certain options to extract and insert PDF pages
  • Assists you in arranging the merged PDF files prior assembly
  • Provided you with the easy page identification and organization by offering thumbnails
  • Loaded with batch processing and editing options as well
  • Packed with the great drag-and-drop feature


Now there’s no need to install and process with additional software to combine pdf, just give a try to this PDF joiner and lets it does all for you. Give a try to this online PDF combiner that mainly desidned to combine (merge) two or more PDF document files at once, even if they have different sizes and page counts.

The most appealing reason to use this PDF merger is that it is fully protected and safe way to merge PDFs since your files are permanently removed after combining.

Why theonlineconverter?

  • Lets you combine multiple PDF files into one for free
  • Preserves original content and layout while merging PDF
  • Full-fledged pdf combiner that loaded with simple interface
  • Swift merging pdf
  • No complicated steps involves to combine PDFs

Soda PDF:

Soda PDF is an authorized platform that loaded with a family of online tools one best PDF combiner for documents. Although its online versions is well-known for merging PDF, still you can proceed offline by using its desktop version. It is referred to as a free and even easy to use solution that allow you to integrate popular cloud-based services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Once you have uploaded the PDF document files into this PDF merger, you can be able to change their order according to your needs. No matter how many times you make alteration, the original size as well as the orientation of the PDF pages will remain intact. Also, you can give a try to this PDF splitting tool to quickly remove any unwanted pages from the original document.

Why Soda PDF?

  • Loaded with batch PDF import options
  • Highly integrated with the Dropbox and Google Drive cloud services
  • This PDF combiner will maintains the original PDF file size and orientation as well
  • Packed with best and easy to use PDF split tool
  • Get the ease of online and offline use
  • Security and the privacy are guaranteed while combining PDF and even for other tools


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