How to control pet dander

pet dander
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How to control pet dander?

In some people, pet dander causes health problems such as asthma or allergy attacks. If you have such people in your home, you should take steps to reduce pet dander as much as possible. The following suggestions may be useful.

Clean your’ House Regularly:

Cleaning your home on a regular basis will help to reduce the accumulation of pet dander. The following cleaning tips will be beneficial:

  • To remove the dander from flat surfaces, use a lint roller.
  • Clean the HVAC registers and air ducts so that the dander does not circulate throughout the house.
  • Vacuum soft surfaces like sofas.
  • Clean pet accessories like toys and clothing.
  • Before washing, place large items, such as blankets, in the dryer.

Cleaning your home infrequently will not suffice, but a regular cleaning schedule can help keep pet dander under control.

Clear Out Your Clutter:

Reduce the number of surfaces, corners, and crevices in your home where pet dander can hide. Cleaning is also easier after you’ve decluttered. Consider the following scenario: you have toys, unused shoes, and furniture all over your house. The items will not only collect pet dander but will also make cleaning the floors or walls on which they are placed difficult.

Bath and Brush your pet daily:

Brush and bathe the pet to remove the pet dander. Petnursey Bathing allows you to direct the fur to appropriate locations, such as the drain, so it does not end up in your house. Brushing and bathing frequency is determined by the animal’s furriness. Longhaired animals, for example, require daily brushing, whereas others can get by with weekly brushing.

Use HEPA Filter:

The filter in your HVAC system traps debris so that it does not circulate throughout the house. The size of particles that pass through a filter is determined by its efficiency. A High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger, which are invisible to the naked eye. The filter will trap the majority of the pet dander, preventing it from being circulated by the HVAC.

Regularly replace HVAC filters:

Air filters that are dirty are less effective than clean filters. For one thing, dirty filters make the HVAC system work harder to keep the house cool or warm. The more the HVAC has to run, the more debris (including pet dander) is likely to circulate in the house.

Second, when debris clogs air filters, some of it eventually passes through the filter. To avoid this, replace the filters on a regular basis. If you only have one pet, replace the filter every 60 days. If you have multiple pets, a shorter replacement schedule may be required.

Make use of a hard flooring material:

Pet dander adheres to soft surfaces more readily than hard surfaces. In many homes, the carpet is the largest soft surface to which pet dander can adhere. As a result, if you replace your carpet with a hard material, you can reduce pet dander in your home. Instead of fluffy carpets, you could use hardwood or linoleum flooring.

Restrict the Pet’s Access to Specific Areas:

Finally, try to keep your pet away from areas of the house that are prone to dander accumulation or where dander can cause serious problems. For example, if you have an asthmatic family member, you should keep pets out of their bedroom.

You will have a pet dander in the house unless you get rid of the animal. As a result, vulnerable people may require immunotherapy to reduce their susceptibility to pet dander. The Allergy and Asthma Clinic of Fort Worth has the information you need to keep your pets from making you sick. Contact us today to schedule a consultation so that we can determine how we can assist you.



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