How To Crack NID Entrance Exam?

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The growing demands of designing courses have come up with various examinations and institutes to look into. The population has incremented the opportunities from various fields to come into play. Society and education are wider than certain courses for which there is a large increase in the development of other job prospects.

The National Institute of Design, often abbreviated as NID, is an institute of design-related courses located in Ahmedabad, India. The institute works as an independent body under the Department of esteem Industrial Policy and Promotion, held under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry by the Government of India. NID is one of the top-listed design schools throughout the world.

It offers professional education programs at Bachelors and Masters’s levels with five faculty streams and twenty diverse design domains. NID also has stable exchange programs with more than fifty-five overseas institutes worldwide to make learning easier and more dynamic. The institute has been promulgated as the ‘Organization of National Importance’ through the Act of Parliament and by the institute of national Design Act 2014.

All About NID, You Must Know!

The exam is stated to be held on January,08,2023 and is commonly known as the Design aptitude test or DAT. The exam occurs annually and is a national-level examination and is opted to be the toughest exam of designing. The questions are asked on a multiple-choice basis, and there are two modes of the exam; the first one, or the prelims, are offline conducted exams, whereas the mains will be offline. 

The exam will involve communication skills, innovations, fundamental drawing and designing, picture analysis, creativity & imagination, composition etc. the minimum percentile of 60% is mandatory for the qualification process. As NID is the most difficult institute due to its limited seats, It has only about 100 seats in B.Des programs, whereas a mere 275 seats in its M.Des programs, and across its three campuses, which was established in 1961; the main campus is in Ahmedabad. At the same time, the P.G. campuses came up lately in Gandhinagar and Bangalore research and development campus.

Strategy To Crack NID Entrance Exam!

To crack the most prestigious and difficult exam of designing with rainbow colours, you must apply some strategy to prosper your dreams.

1.     Know your syllabus

It is always very important to know your syllabus and pattern of study and manage your resources and material according to it. As the NID involves two tests, it is essential to look at the syllabus required for the particular examination form and make self-prepared according to it.

2.     Practice

The proverb goes: practice makes a man perfect; all competitive exams require rigorous practice to excel. It would be best to acquaint yourself with the question format and the logical answer to find solutions. The continuous practice of mock tests and previous question papers will help you know the question pattern. Not only this, but it will also help you manage your time while answering.

3.     Hold on, G.K.

Most exams require a good hold on general knowledge, which examines the candidate’s knowledge of current affairs and their touch with ongoing news items. It is a key aspect in determining the progression. If you want to crack and excel in the examination, you must have an excellent hold of general knowledge and all the current events related to designing.

4.     Be creative

Designing is all about crafting and illustrating your imagination, and it requires a lot of creativity. The candidate must practise drawing, sketching, colouring combination and audio-based creativity. It is a must to have creative knowledge to excel in the course of design. The ability to develop new innovative ideas can assist you in your ambition. Observe each small thing around you. This will help you to improve your creative skill and an unconventional thought to your imagination.

5.     Stay calm and fit

Usually, during any exam, we tend to get nervous and feel unfit, but it is the most disturbing thing we do to ourselves. We try to focus on studies so much that we avoid eating, sleeping and taking breaks, which results in our unhealthy bodies and creates chaos in our minds. Having peace of mind and being healthy and fit during exams is very important.

Nevertheless, these were some detailed views about the NID admission. You should keep strategies in mind to crack your examination. The National Institute of Design is one of the foremost design institutes in India. It is a dream college for many design aspirants who aspire to become well-known designers.

Along with your consistent effort, a worthwhile exam strategy is required to tackle the exam easily with determination and confidence can help you to remain consistent and productive. Use the strategies above to make your entrance exam the best so that it can help you pursue your dreams.