How to Detangle Curly Hair and Make Them Look Gorgeous

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Perhaps, anyone with curly hair has heard a lot of compliments. People without natural curls wish to have beautiful, bouncy curly hair when they see yours. Though intended as a compliment, curly ladies know that maintaining such great curly hair days is much more complex than it appears. There are those days when having wild curls feels less than desirable since they are mostly unpredictable and challenging to manage. 

Your hair care regimen makes a difference in whether you hate your curls or love them. Those wild, curling curls are way too unpredictable, prone to becoming frizzy, brittle, and dry, and it gets knots all over quickly. There are many different types of curls and coils, and there are just as many techniques to detangle hair, making it an essential component in any hair care routine. 

How can you detangle curly hair easily? If you believe cutting is the most effective approach to reducing the discomfort associated with detangling, take a breath and read this post. This article details some helpful techniques for detangling curly hair so you may have those shiny, healthy curls without damage or broken ends. 

1. Keep a Spray Bottle Handy
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To maintain hair’s moisture levels when detangling, you might need to re-wet your strands as you go. Keep a spray bottle for hair handy, so you may mist each portion before combing it. This is very helpful for detangling natural curls before shampooing or following conditioner use. Before using style products, give your hair another spray and pass it through with the comb. 

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2. Detangling Curly Hair Using Oil 

Oils make detangling quite simple. Before you wash your hair, do this. Make two or four sections in your dry hair. Apply your preferred oil while focusing on one part at a time. You might also spray some water on your hair and the oil if it is coarse and dry for further lubrication. Make a gentle untangling with your fingertips. For each region of your hair, start at the bottom, get rid of the knots, and gradually work your way to the top. As you go on to other portions, use clips to hold detangled pieces together. Do not forget that it is best to do dry detangling right before washing your hair, never in between. 

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3. Use a Curl-Specific Detangling Brush

You wouldn’t attempt to untangle damp curly hair in an ideal world. Why? As damp hair is more inclined to breakage, split ends, and knots, especially fine or damaged hair, it is essential to avoid getting wet hair. Instead, use a detangling brush made especially for your coils to gently brush through your dry curls before jumping in the shower. Typically, the teeth on these detangling brushes are longer and vary in length. 

For gently detangling your wet hair while you’re still in the shower or after towel-drying it, use a wide-tooth comb and apply your curl products to disperse the goods without destroying your curl pattern. 

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4. Use a Leave-In Conditioner and Serum 

If your curly hair is still particularly tangled or challenging to comb through after you’ve washed and styled it, spritz on a leave-in conditioner or detangling spray. Your hair’s mid-lengths and ends should be your primary focus. 

After your hair is tangle-free, you should coat your silky strands with a nutritious hair serum. As a result, your curls will continue to look their best, including being as tangle-free as possible. This will help to maintain healthy strands. To ensure that the serum is all over the hair evenly, apply a dime-sized amount of serum to the whole length and ends of your hair. 

5. Comb the Hair from Bottom to Top

Instead of accumulating knots from the bottom and pulling your way through, detangling hair from the bottom enables you to detangle each knot gently. You should always use a wide-tooth comb or a brush made specifically for detangling curly hair to rake through your hair to prevent damage and detangle it effectively. The most delicate hair type on the block is curly, and every curl has the potential to break. And the least damaging method of untangling curls is using a wide-tooth comb since it doesn’t significantly alter the natural curl pattern as a brush would. 

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6. Add Moisture

Once your hair is damp, it’s time to add moisture to your coils and curls to prevent tangling. The LOC method is very effective on type 4 hair. The LOC method, which stands for liquid, oil, and cream, works effectively to lock in moisture. Curly females gush about how well-nourished, frizz-free, and ultimately less knotted their curls stay with this technique. A leave-in conditioner provides the liquid component. This stage helps to open the cuticles, allowing the products to penetrate the skin more deeply. 

Wrapping Up 

The most obvious thing you need to focus on is cleaning the detangling tools and being hygienic, and cleaning your detangling tool after each use is another technique to keep the knots at bay. To remove the filth and residue that stays back from the dirt in your hair or the hair product that may have been on the tool, you should wash it. A detangling tool must be as spotless as possible to function properly. Follow it to ensure that the detangling process is as simple, painless, and “hair protecting” as possible. 


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