How to find the weight of a paper-type ream

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If you know the actual size of the sheet of paper you are weighing, its base weight, and its basic size, you can calculate the weight of the rim without scaling the paper rim.


What is a paper Ream?

A paper ream is a package of 500 sheets of paper of the same quality and style that has been cut to the same size. Consumers often purchase paper in the form of reams, while printers can operate at even larger volumes. This amount is also used as a base measurement unit to calculate the weight of the paper, which is a reference to its density. The weight is usually indicated by the pound mark, often on the endcap of a ream so that consumers can refer to this information when selecting paper.

Originally, a paper ream was made up of 20 quarts, a sheet consisting of 24 sheets of paper, which means that a ream actually contains 480 sheets. The definition of “quire” has also changed over the ages, but it is a completely different problem. To add to the chaos, printers typically purchase reams that hold 516 pieces of paper for potential wastage. Finally, many paper companies have adopted a 500-sheet standard to reduce confusion.

What is the base weight?

Weight, measured in pounds, is the base weight of 500 sheets of paper in the form of basic sheets of paper. Even after ream the paper to a smaller size, it is still classified by the weight of the sheet in its basic size. The base weight is indicated on the packaging of most papers. However, the size of the basic sheet is not the same for everyone.

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What is the basic size?

Different types of paper have different basic sheet sizes:

The basic sheet size of the bond, copy paper, laser paper, and rag paper is 17 inches by 22 inches.

The size of a basic sheet of offset, book, text, and coated paper is 25 inches by 38 inches.

A basic sheet size of cover stock is 20 inches by 26 inches.

A basic sheet size of tag stock is 24 inches by 36 inches.

The index stock is a basic sheet size of 25.5 inches by 30.5 inches.

A basic sheet size of Bristol stock is 22.5 inches by 28.5 inches.

The weight of the ream is being calculated

To calculate the weight of the ream, multiply the actual sheet size by the basis weight of the paper and divide the result by the basic size of the paper.

Using this formula, a tabloid-sized 11-inch-by-17-inch, 500-pound (24-pound) sheet of book paper (one ream) weighs 25-inch-by-38-inch basic size:

(11×17) x 24 / 25×38 = ~ 4.72 lbs

What is the weight of a ream of paper?

The weight of the paper ream depends on the thickness of the sheet. The 500-sheet ream of 20-pound bond paper weighs 5 pounds, while the 500-sheet ream of 24-pound bond paper weighs 6 pounds.

In the United States, bond paper comes in 17-inch by 22-inch sheets, which are cut into four letter-sized sheets. The pound designation of each type of paper comes from the weight of a 500-sheet stack, so the 500-sheet of 20-pound paper weighs 20 pounds. The actual weight determines how much fiber is used to make each type of paper. Paper ranges from পা 18 for newsprint to 300 for print-making and painting paper.

The weight ream of paper is an important concern for many people. Some weights, for example, will not fit through regular office printers, while others are too light for certain tasks. Many paper companies offer base styles in many weights, allowing people to choose the one that is most suitable for their purpose, be it a formal wedding invitation or a business letter.
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