How to open a Nang without a cracker

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Have a hard time finding alternative scopes for the disposal of your nang’s canister? Let me start the article with a precise overview of Nangs, or Nitrous Oxide. Here are the other existing procedures for how to open nang without a cracker: canisters filled with nitrous oxide.

“Nang” is a slang form of the word “nitrous oxide and it is also known as “laughing gas,”. It is stockpiled in a tiny cylinder-shaped pot.

It has great appreciation in the medical sector; doctors use it while doing surgery or any kind of operation. This product also calms the neurotic system. Breathing in Nitrous Oxide happens by transferring the gas from the canister to the balloons.

Essentially, this little pot requires a cracker to open. But how come you unveil it if you don’t have any crackers near you? Here are a bunch of incredible ways to disclose your canister’s upper part in the absence of crackers.

Ways to open Nangs except for Crackers

Firstly come to an idea that will require. You have a string of nylon, a T or L-shaped PVC pipe, a pin, stickum, a balloon, a canister holder, and that’s all.

Place the string on one pipe point and the stickum-tipped pin on the opposite pipe point. The T-shaped pipe has to have one side blocked. But an L-shaped or U-shaped pipe would be really good for this purpose.

Then use a holder and adjust it to the size of the pipe so that there is no leakage. That’s a process of how to open nang without a cracker. And the process of how you can turn all these things into a gadget. So it helps to open tiny cylinders filled with nangs instead of crackers.

The second interesting way needs a U-shaped or U-turn type pipe. You just have to stack the tiny pot or cartridge into the pipe, then spike the object a little bit. So that it helps burst out the gas easily.

After that, cover the remaining hollow part of the pipe with water. Be careful; you have to attach the balloon so keenly to avoid outflowing the gas into the environment. And also take care of the coverage surrounding water.

That’s how your process ends, and the result starts to happen. I mean, this way can help you know how to open a nang without a cracker safely.

It almost takes the appearance of an inhaler. However, we can’t recommend anyone using our hack to make an inhaler this way.


Also, you can use twine string to make an alternative to a cracker. Just take a long string and fold it into the same length. Then twirl both parts of the string, and then bend in the fourth-third point.

Last word

So, all these ways, you could use to know how to open a nang without a cracker. And you can also use it to make your handmade and instant cracker to unveil the mouth of the canister. Just don’t make any of these processes in a hotch-potch manner. Remember, you must keep aloof from using metallic ducts because they will blaze your skin.

And never grip the cartridge or nangs by your hand. Always take the help of a holder. On the other hand, visit if you want to know more about nangs.


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