How To Put A Lace Front Wig In A High Ponytail?

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Putting a full lace front wigs in a high ponytail is a little trickier. This is because high ponytails show off the lace at the neckline and the nape of the neck. However, we have some advice on how to style it below if you want a smooth high pony appearance.

Check out these steps mentioned below for a step-by-step guide:



1.  Using A Wig Cap

Slay your ponytail hairstyle

Using a wig cap may secure the base for the Brazilian lace front wigs to connect to while also smoothing your natural hair down. For a well-fitting finish, pin down your cap; this will make it simpler to pin your ponytail in place. Please read our guide for additional details on wig cap construction.

2.  Using A Wig Band

These wavy ponytail styles are the best to choose

For your Lace front wigs to remain in place, you must use a wig grip band. A wig band helps avoid this and ensures your wig is as secure as possible. A high ponytail can cause the wig to slide backward due to its location.

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3.  Using Your Natural Hair

Choose to slay your ponytail all day long

Combining a little bit of your natural hair with your straight lace front wigs will help you get a more realistic appearance if you have any to work with. To do that:

– Just on top of your natural hair, place your wig band.

– With a comb, gently pull your hair’s edges from the wig’s back.

– Tie up loose ends at the nape of your neck once you’ve fastened your ponytail and connected your wig.

The lace at the back will be hidden by your natural hair, giving you a more put-together appearance!

Don’t worry if you don’t have best oil for low porosity hair. As normal, put on your straight lace front wigs  and secure your ponytail. For a seamless finish, make sure the lace at the nape of your neck is perfectly blended with your skin. 

4.  Using Specialized Lace Front Wigs

Always blend your hairstyle and lace front wigs seamlessly. 

You might want to attach the lace on your forehead with a dab of wig adhesive to keep everything in place. We always advise using specialized adhesive made especially for lace front wigs, but always take caution to prevent harm to your hairline. Once fastened, meld the lace front wigs  with your skin for a flawless finish. For additional security, you might also apply wig tape.

Using A Hairspray

Style your ponytails in the way you desire. 

Spray-on hairspray’s magic Use good amounts of hairspray to keep your ponytail in place. This will not only assist in lessening the wig’s shine but also guarantee that your ponytail on your straight lace front wigs  will stay in place all day. 

On this hairstyle, you can also do the ponytail lemonade braids on your lace front wigs and always achieve the looks! 


best oil for low porosity hair

That concludes our step-by-step guide on putting your lace front wig in a ponytail. With the step mentioned above, try to wear them at home before you go out and showcase them to others; with this, you will know how much you have to blend and makeover to make them look natural. Now that you know how to put your lace front wigs in a ponytail try it yourself and make yourself have a beautiful flawless-looking ponytail with your lace front wigs.

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