How to Style a Smartwatch for Men

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Did you know that one of the earliest smartwatches was created by Microsoft and dates back almost two decades?

Nowadays, men’s smartwatches are smarter and sleeker than ever. However, like with almost any accessory, it can sometimes be a challenge to incorporate it into a stylish outfit. The good news is that there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to pull it off.

Are you wondering where to begin? Keep reading to learn all about how to style a smartwatch for men.

Color Coordinate By Using Different Bands

Depending on the type of smartwatch, you may have the option of buying different colored bands. This is a wonderful way to color-coordinate your outfit so that your watch not only blends in with your ensemble but complements it as well.

You should invest in at least a few different colored smartwatch bands so that you have options but the more you can get, the easier it’ll be to rock your new smartwatch on a regular basis.

Whether you want to be bold with your color choice or stick with something more traditional, you’ll be glad to know that there are many different combinations to choose from.

Anyone who would like to wear a beige outfit can choose between a smartwatch band that’s tan, blue, or pure white.

Burgundy is often a hard color to work with. If you’re wearing an outfit in which burgundy is the main color, then you should consider a navy-colored smartwatch band. Navy also looks great when trying to balance the boldness of a red outfit.

If your outfit is more black than anything else, then a red fashion smartwatch band can help add boldness to such a subtle color. Baby blue and pink band colors are also a great complement to black if you’re feeling up to it.

Are you looking for the next best wristwatch band? Look no further than the case-band combinations brought out by Supcase.

Sports Smartwatches

Aside from the band, there’s also the watch itself to consider. Since there are many types of smartwatches out there, the watch face and case could throw a wrench in your gears when trying to piece together the most stylish outfit.

If you have the budget for it, then it could help to have a few different smartwatch types. For instance, some smartwatches are made to look and feel sporty. They’re often a bit bigger because they need to be more durable than the average smartwatch.

People often buy these smartwatches to use when they’re running, working out, and more because of the great sports features they come with. Since you’d already be wearing athletic wear, you can bet that your smartwatch will complement your outfit. The main factor you’d have to keep in mind is the color.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to wear a sporty smartwatch while also dressing in a formal outfit even if the colors match. Since the design is set in stone, you’d be limited to wearing it with casual outfits. There are still many clothing combinations you’d have at your disposal, but you shouldn’t expect to wear it to an important business presentation, for instance.

Classic Smartwatches

If you want to buy a smartwatch for the purpose of wearing it with more stylish outfits, then you should avoid investing in a sports smartwatch as your first choice.

There are many classic smartwatches that are much more neutral in their design. If you want it to match as many outfits as possible, then you could always get a leather or faux leather watch band. This type of band can allow you to not stress so much about your outfits since it complements so many ensembles.

The Fossil Gen 5 is one example of a classic smartwatch choice that can give you a significant amount of technological features while still being fashionable.

Luxury Smartwatches

Anyone who would like to put their best foot forward by wearing the most elegant smartwatches should consider going the luxury route. More and more brands are launching lines of luxury smartwatches that look as beautiful as the traditional watches of the past.

These types of watches can be worn with a suit or even a tuxedo and add to your aura of style. Many of them come with a stainless steel watch case and a fine glass face. For instance, Montblanc Watch Summit 2+’s display is an amazing piece of sapphire glass.

Other luxury smartwatches are designed with all-black parts. It’s true what they say about how black can complement almost any other color, from white to pink and beyond. What makes a black luxury smartwatch even better is the fact that you can pair it well with more casual outfits, too.

The last thing you’d want is to invest in a luxury smartwatch that you can wear on special occasions but at no other time. From the ball to the barbeque, a black luxury smartwatch is a great choice for people who want to keep it simple while always looking good in the process.

Are You Ready to Rock a Smartwatch for Men?

Now that you’ve learned all about how to style a smartwatch for men, you can reap the benefits of a modern accessory while still looking your absolute best. Whether you’re going on a date or an important interview, there’s no reason you can’t create an ensemble that complements your smartwatch.

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