How To Throw A Summer Pool Party

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Now that summer is here, it’s definitely time to party. While you can do plenty of partying indoors, it will be much more fun if you and everyone else decide to hang out by your pool. Yet rather than just hang out like usual, why not throw a summer pool party for the ages? If you’re ready to have a pool party that will be remembered decades from now for all the right reasons, here are some must-know tips on how to make your kids pool party singapore a success.


Use Plenty of Decorations

When your pool party guests arrive, make sure they see plenty of festive decorations all around your pool. Since you know your party will probably continue well past sunset, Tiki torches will be functional as well as beautiful. Other decorations you may want include lantern lights, balloons, streamers, and anything else your mind can imagine.

Have Plenty of Great Food

As you mull over various pool party ideas regarding what you and your guests will eat, make the menu as appealing as possible. When offering snacks, choose such favorites as potato chips and pretzels while not forgetting some salsa or guacamole for dipping. As for the main menu, it doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, serving hamburgers and hot dogs should work fine. If you have any guests you know are vegans, make sure you have some veggie burgers or veggie dogs available for them to eat. Of course, don’t forget dessert, which can include chocolate cake, ice cream, or cupcakes.

Pool Floats

At your pool party, you and your guests will want to have lots of colorful and festive pool floats available for use. Whether it’s pink flamingos or other floats sporting vibrant colors, there is nothing more relaxing than floating around a pool with a cool drink in your hand. Should there be any kids at your pool party or folks who can’t swim but still want to get in the pool, have some lifejackets and arm floaties at the ready for these guests.

Play Some Great Music

As you know, a pool party is not really a pool party unless you’ve got great music playing in the background. If you want, you can even choose a theme for your pool party and plan the music accordingly. Whether it’s 80s-themed music, some disco tunes from the 70s, or maybe a country-music-themed playlist, you’ve got several choices when it comes to pool party music. It’s also a good idea to use accessories from reliable places like Party City to complement your pool party theme.

The Sunscreen Station

To ensure you and your guests don’t wake up the day after your pool party with bad sunburns, designate a table to be your party’s sunscreen station. By placing a few bottles of various sunscreens on the table, your guests can lather up as needed since the swimming and sweating will wash away sunscreen pretty quickly.

If you follow these suggestions for your pool party, there is no doubt your guests will have so much fun that they shall insist you make your pool party an annual tradition.

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