How Whiskey Helps in Cold Weather

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Everyone gets to experience cold at some point, as it’s inevitable. However, not everyone enjoys taking medicines, so they find an alternative to help with their cold. One of these alternatives is whiskey, don’t be surprised. 

Whiskey is an alcohol, and it relaxes the blood vessels and makes them easier to pass through. Blood vessels, especially the capillaries close to the skin surface, get bigger. Taking a whiskey drink makes you feel warmer because it sends more blood to the surface of your skin.  

Whiskey is a fermented distilled alcoholic beverage. The manufacturers use grains like barley, corn, and rye for several variations. It is usually in hardwood casks, either ancient sherry casks or white oak casks. 

How Whiskey Helps In A Cold Weather 

Whiskey is a stimulant, and thus it can help with a cold. When you’re cold, your nasal tissues get inflamed, making breathing difficult. 

Although many people think extra mucus doesn’t make you more congested, that is not the case. Inflammation is due to swollen blood vessels in your nasal tissues. Thus, sending more blood and nutrients to the area that needs them.  

 Having a small amount of alcohol can cause blood vessels to widen, which is known as vasodilation. It helps the body’s blood vessels open up. Nitric oxide, a chemical component found in the body, aids vasodilation. A hot toddy is one of the most popular whiskey drinks people use to relieve their cold symptoms. 

The Healing Ingredients of Hot Toddy 

A hot toddy is a hot mixed drink made with whiskey and water, along with herbs, honey, and spices. Hot toddy recipes vary, but whiskey is the main ingredient and should be present. People mostly take them before going to bed or in cold weather.  

 It originated in India in the 1610s and was taken from the Hindi term “taddy,” which means “fermented palm sap drink.”  

Because of the ingredients in hot toddies, they can fight cold symptoms. So, taking a hot toddy can help you get a good night’s sleep and ease your throat pain caused by a cold. Let us discuss how each ingredient could help with a cold. 


Whiskey can temporarily open up your blood vessels. This can help clear mucus from your sinuses and chest in small amounts, so your body can better fight off sickness and infections. 

Yellowstone whiskey is a type of whiskey that quickly clears your sinuses. Although it will not cure you, it will lessen many symptoms. However, the whiskey must be in a moderate amount, so it won’t affect your sleep pattern, as too much alcohol could disrupt your sleep. 

Cold weather enthusiasts should note that alcohol can only make you feel warmer for a short time, and it doesn’t prevent hypothermia. Some of the whiskey drinks you could mix in your toddy are Gaelic Punch, Whiskey Chai, Auld Alliance. 

Nonetheless, pregnant women or nurses should stay away from whiskey and alcohol because it is dangerous for the child. Also, if you have circulatory problems, you should see a doctor before consuming alcohol. 


Lemon is one of the most popular natural remedies for cold. They are a good source of vitamin C, which could help you get better from a cold. Vitamin C has been proved to help with colds and boost the immune system. Thus, reducing the severity of the flu. 

Lemons can help keep electrolytes balanced and avoid dehydration. This can happen when you sweat and have a runny nose, a common cold symptom. Lemon is safe for most people to drink. However, if used in large amounts, some people may have adverse effects. 

Hot Water 

Warm water soothes the throat and helps the body get more fluids and rid of infections. Heat can help relieve pressure in the sinuses caused by colds and allergies. So, you can do this by applying heat to your throat.  

Steam can also help you clear your sinuses clear. Simply put, hot water helps with mucus flow. So, drinking hot water may induce more productive coughing and nose-blowing. 


Honey contains antioxidants and antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. These properties prevent and treat the common cold and its symptoms. Honey has been a long-time natural remedy for sore throat. So, it links to cold in a way.  

Honey also boosts the immune system, allowing us to recover faster and reducing the chances of catching a cold in the future. As a result of these, honey-based cold remedies have become popular. 


Whisky is an excellent decongestant. However, it’s best to take it alongside other ingredients when treating cold symptoms. The listed ingredients are proven remedies people have used to reduce their symptoms. So, imagine all of them coming together in a drink; it makes you feel better with no side effects if taken moderately.  

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