Importance of CCTV Surveillance & Monitoring for Businesses

Hilook CCTV Kit
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Importance of surveillance and monitoring

Your safety, that of your loved ones and your business is of prime importance. Criminals will keep on trying new and better ways to steal from you or harm you one way or the other. In an environment where the crime rate is increasing day by day, it becomes essential that you provide the best possible security to your home and business.

CCTV surveillance systems can provide you with live footage of your premises. They can record and save videos for you or your security team who can then use them to improve security or use the footage for prosecution.

The benefits of live surveillance are countless. We will discuss several of them in this article and also explain how you can make the best out of your Hilook CCTV Kit system.

Feeling of security

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a CCTV system is that it makes you feel safe. Whether it is your home or your office, the feeling of safety is highly important for your mental wellbeing.

When installed in your home, you can be confident about the safety of your family even when you are away. Employees will feel much safer with a working CCTV surveillance system and perform better.

Acting as a deterrent

Believe it or not but criminals such as thieves do not have time. They will always prefer an easy target without any repercussions. Any physical or technical barrier will discourage them from making a move.

Physical barriers such as grills, shutters, barbwire, etc will take time to remove. Just like that, a CCTV camera system will dissuade them from moving ahead with their plan as the footage can be used for catching them and prosecuting them in a court of law.

 Catching and Prosecution

Some criminals may not be easy to deter. When a crime is committed and there is video evidence, catching criminals will be much more convenient for law enforcement agencies. Installing a high-quality CCTV system.

Such as the Hilook CCTV kit can provide clear images of the criminals and even identify the colour of their clothes. These images and high-quality videos can provide non-refutable evidence and help a great deal when it comes to prosecuting these criminals.

Hilook CCTV Kit
Hilook CCTV Kit

Remote Monitoring

Modern CCTV systems or smart systems as they are now called can be connected to WiFi and you can get live feed on your cellphone or laptop regardless of your location. So if you are on vacation and you want to keep an eye on your home.

You can simply do that with the help of your smart devices. If you see something suspicious, you can alert your family members, police, or the security company ( if you have hired one).

One-time expense but lifetime benefits

CCTV systems come in a large variety with various options. They also have a wide price range and you can find many affordable ones. Make sure that you install an entire kit such as the Hilook CCTV Kit instead of buying components separately. Do not go for cheap cameras with low image and video quality as they won’t be of any use.

How to get the best out of your CCTV system?

CCTV Camera Placement

Security cameras lose their purpose if they are not placed in the right spot. Furthermore, if you want effective and complete coverage, you will most probably need more than one camera. Research has shown that most break-ins always happen from the front door but that does not mean that every thief is going to follow the same pattern.

Ideally, CCTV cameras should be installed at high positions. Windows of your first floor, rear door, and front door are the most sensitive points and you should install a camera at each of these locations. Get expert advice when installing CCTV cameras for better placement.

Use them with Alarms

A CCTV camera synced with an alarm system serves as a much better deterrent. The loud alarm can change the mind of a troublemaker. They can also come in handy with remote monitoring. You can receive an alert on your cellphone if the alarm is triggered.


You need to protect your CCTV cameras from extreme weather and rain. Many buildings. Many brands offer waterproof systems.  Junction boxes are effective when it comes to protecting your CCTV system. They also provide reliable protection against vandalism. Concealing the cables and connectors inside the junction boxes will offer considerable protection

Invest in High Definition 

CCTV cameras will enhance protection only if they can provide good quality imaging and videos. Investing in HD cameras such as hikvision nvr will ensure that live monitoring, as well as recorded videos, are effective. HD cameras are way better at clearly catching the faces of criminals.

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