Important Facts You Should Know About Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl sticker printing Singapore
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As opposed to paper stickers, vinyl ones tend to last considerably longer. Another advantage is the vinyl stickers’ ability to withstand tearing, fading, and the loss of stickiness necessary to hold them in place.

Vinyl stickers, contrary to popular belief, can withstand the elements. This feature of the stickers is what gives them impressive longevity. These stickers are resistant to the effects of extreme weather and will not peel off.

This is why vinyl stickers are so convenient for outside use on billboards and other public displays. Many people choose this route because they believe it will be an effective way to promote their brand over time. Again, in terms of its composition, this substance is synthetic and a hardy form of plastic.

The principal method for vinyl sticker printing Singapore involves combining chlorine and ethylene. You can find them in common foods like salt and crude oil. Vinyl, or polyvinyl chloride resin to use its proper name, is produced when these two chemicals react.

So, let’s start with the basics of vinyl application:


How to Stick a Sticker Like a Pro

Have you ever managed to twist or fold a perfectly nice sticker into an ugly blob? In order to make the process of applying stickers after vinyl sticker printing in Singapore as simple as possible, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

1.      Clean First

We advise using a 50/50 water and alcohol solution to clean the surface before placing the sticker, but you may also use soap and water. Rubbing alcohol (70 percent isopropyl alcohol) can also be used. After washing something with soapy water, rinse it with clean water to remove all traces of soap. Avoid using any kind of window cleaner. They could leave a film that prevents your sticker from sticking as well.

2.      Use Only In Comfortable Temperatures

If you want your stickers to last as long as possible, put them up so they won’t be exposed to direct sunlight. Stickers are best applied between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

3.      Apply some masking tape

With the use of masking tape, you may place your sticker precisely where you want it. Sticker placement should be done with the white backing paper still in place and facing the area you’ll be applying it. Stick a strip of tape over the sticker’s top edge to keep it in place. Next, peel off the backing paper by lifting the sticker as though it were hinged. Hold the sticker’s bottom border with one hand, lower it by pressing its center with your other thumb, and then work your way down.

4.      Try the Wet Approach

Water isn’t necessary for applying most smaller decals, but it might make all the difference when working with extra-large stickers. After cleaning, use a spray bottle filled with a solution of about 5% soap and 95% water to thoroughly wet the area. The area must be damp before the sticker is applied. This will delay the adhesion, allowing you to readjust the position if necessary. If there are any bubbles, you can pop them with a squeegee or plastic card. After applying soapy water to your sticker, it will be dried and in place in just a few minutes.

5.      Care For The Backup Tape

There are often three parts to many of our stickers:

  •         transfer tape, the transparent covering that adheres to the sticker’s adhesive-free back and keeps it in place;
  •         the adhesive label in the center;
  •         backing paper, the white paper underneath the sticker that adheres to the sticky surface.

Reasons Why Vinyl Stickers Are So Advantageous

Details, Specifics, and No Fluff

In particular, modern vinyl sticker printing technology facilitates wall sticker logo printing of virtually any size or shape with pinpoint precision.

Therefore, you can print with razor-sharp lines and brilliant color accuracy anytime you choose this option, just like a professional photograph. So, it’s useful to get your business’s word out to the public in a big way at a reasonable cost.

Intensely Reliable and Long-Lasting

High-quality vinyl stickers effectively demonstrate the exceptional worth of an item. This is due to the widespread belief that these things are sturdy and will last a long time. Depending on user preferences, this device is versatile enough to be used indoors or outside.

Infinite Variety of Forms

You’d be erroneous to assume that personalization can simply apply to the design of vinyl stickers. Many aspects of this instance are adaptable, not just the text itself. The dimensions and outline of the sticker are included.

You read that correctly. You can customize the vinyl sticker with vinyl sticker printing Singapore to your exact specifications in size and shape. 

Labeling Products

 Vinyl stickers are viewed as an attractive, low-cost option compared to other product labeling techniques. All that’s required is the creation of tasteful labels, their application, and sale!


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