Independent American Party Of Utah?

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The National Independent American Party (IAP) turned into founded in 1993 because the Utah Independent American Party. The group have become a Utah state ally of the National American Party in 1995, however broke faraway from the group in 1998 to establish the National IAP. As of 2001, the Independent American Party of Utah (UIAP) turned into one in every of three organized IAP state parties in Minnesota, Utah, and Tennessee. According to the National Party, the institution pursuits to “repair our constitutional republic, restore constitutional regulation, and all rights, liberties, and homes belonging to the people and the states”, with an emphasis on Judeo-Christian concepts. ,

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Although celebration participation declined with the aid of 2004, the UIAP and the National Party reactivated and supported a huge slate of candidates during the 2014 election cycle. The UIAP supported 19 candidates in Utah inside the 2014 local, kingdom, and federal elections. [2] [3]


UIAP is a qualified political birthday party in Utah. According to Utah voter registration facts, there have been more than 11,000 registered UIAP voters in the country as of March 2016. [4] [5]



The party’s declared platform is made from 14 foremost troubles: [6]


Assertion Of Independence

We keep these truths to be self-obtrusive, that all guys are created same, that they’ve been endowed by using their Creator with certain immutable rights, among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To at ease, governments are set up among guys, their simply powers derived from the consent of the dominated.

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Unalienable Rights

We hold that God has endowed men with certain immutable rights set forth within the Declaration of Independence and that no legislature and no majority, however terrific, can morally restrict or smash the shape of presidency. The sole feature is to defend life, liberty, and oppression and oppression of belongings and whatever greater.


miles a solemn settlement among the humans of the states of this country to which all officers of government are duty certain to that the everlasting ethical laws expressed therein have to be obeyed or non-public liberty shall be destroyed.

Reliable Commercial Enterprise

We believe that it is a contravention of the Constitution for the government to deprive a person of existence, liberty or belongings besides for the following functions: to punish crime and to offer the administration of justice; to protect the right and manipulate of private belongings; to defend Waging conflict and supplying for the protection of the nation, compel every person taking part in the safety of the government to bear his truthful share of the burden of acting the above functions.

Constrained Powers

We preserve that the Constitution deprives the government of the electricity to take from the character his existence, liberty or property in accordance with moral regulation; the identical ethical regulation that governs the moves of men, while performing alone, so also applies collectively with others; that no citizen or organization of residents has any right to direct his agent, the government, to do any act which might be awful or offensive to conscience if he The citizen turned into performing on his very own outside the framework of the authorities.

Invoice Of Rights

We are hereby resolved that in no way shall the freedoms assured by the Bill of Rights be infringed. In unique we will, on behalf of the Federal Government, deny any proper to the human beings to endure palms, to worship and to hope.” Resist the attempt. They choose while and in which, or to own and manage the belongings.


We are against socialism in entire or in part, and examine it as an unconstitutional snatch of power and the denial of the right of the government to non-public assets to very own or function the way of manufacturing and distribution of goods and services in opposition with personal business enterprise, or within the lawful use of personal belongings for regimental proprietors, in particular via using public taxes.

Personal Taxation

We maintain that all and sundry who enjoys the safety of his life, liberty and belongings have to undergo his truthful proportion of the price of the government in supplying that safety; the number one principles of justice laid down in the Constitution call for that every one Taxes need to be levied uniformly throughout the united states and any tax levied on persons inside our borders at the equal truthful price.

Monetary Policy

We consider in honest money, the gold and silver coins of the charter and the medium convertible into such money without any damage. We see this as a major violation of the explicit provisions of the charter through the federal authorities to criminalize it The offense of using gold or silver cash as legal smooth or issuing non-refundable paper money.

kingdom Sovereignty

We agree with that every nation is sovereign in performing the functions which can be reserved for it by way of the Constitution and that it’s far unfavorable of our federal machine and the proper of self-government guaranteed underneath the Constitution for the federal authorities to be exercised with the aid of the states in carrying out their capabilities or such paintings itselfhave the right to modify or control to interact in doing so.

Federal Taxation

We consider it a violation of the Constitution for the federal authorities to levy a tax for the assist of country or nearby government; that no state or nearby government might also be given finances from the federal and remain unfastened to perform its functions.” Nor can residents exercising their rights of self-authorities in such occasions.

Private Belongings

We recall it a contravention of the proper to private belongings guaranteed beneath the Constitution for the federal government to forcibly deprive citizens of this usa of their property, via taxation or in any other case, and to make a gift to foreign governments or their citizens.” can pass.

Foreign Policy

We believe that no treaty or settlement with different countries have to deprive our residents of the rights assured by means of the Constitution.

Defense And National Sovereignty

We remember this a right away violation of the duty imposed on it by using the Constitution for the federal government to spoil or weaken our navy set up under the factor necessary for the defense of the states towards invasion, or to surrender or men, to devote fingers, or money below the control of overseas or world organizations or governments.

Rules And Bye-Laws

The State Party is governed through a hard and fast of regulations and bye-laws. Typically, these offer shape to numerous ranges of the business enterprise—nearby, county, and nation committees—and set up protocols for election committee individuals. The bylaws normally element the birthday celebration’s procedure for nominating and sending representatives to country wide birthday celebration conventions in the course of presidential elections. The following is a precis of the Independent American Party of Utah guidelines. This summary makes a speciality of celebration shape and governance: [7]

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