Innovations in Sustainable Fashion: Leading the Way in Eco-Friendly Premium Styles

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The fashion industry is in dire need of creative solutions to address its most pressing issues, but too often, creative ideas fall short of expectations. Moreover, more frequent disasters and other weather-related events serve as a timely reminder of the critical need to save our planet and make investments in a sustainable future. 

The fashion industry has been under fire for its effects on the environment, but some companies are dedicated to sustainability and trying to have a good influence. We are highlighting one of the sustainable top premium brands because they are investing in the environment by lowering their carbon footprint and adopting other sustainable practices. 

While producing fashionable and superior fashion items, these top premium brands are also reducing waste and promoting ethical practices in all aspects of manufacturing and materials. In the field of sustainable premium brand fashion, Gant has become a trailblazer, setting the standard with their dedication to environmentally friendly methods and ethical material sourcing. 

Here, we look at major aspects that distinguish Gant from unethical fashion brands and highlight their creative approach to high-end sustainable fashion.


Sustainable Cotton Sourcing

With 100% of their cotton coming from sustainable sources by 2022, Gant has set a lofty objective. The Better Cotton Initiative, organic cotton, recycled cotton, regenerative cotton, and transitional cotton are some of the more environmentally friendly options to conventional cotton that can be substituted. They intend to use the best farming techniques available to source all cotton by 2030. This pledge promotes moral farming practices in addition to protecting essential resources. 

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Ethical Wool Sourcing

Gant’s dedication to animal welfare is evident in their focus on ethically sourcing wool. They ensure that the wool is sourced exclusively from farms that refrain from mulesing and is obtained as a byproduct of meat production.

According to the EU Farm Animal Welfare Council/World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) definition of the Five Freedoms, their animal welfare policy is in line with these principles. Positively affecting how animals are treated, Gant makes sure that the wool’s source complies with ethical farming methods.

Certified Responsible Down

Gant is pleased to announce that it is a proud holder of certifications from the Responsible Down Standard, an international standard for moral behavior in animal care. This guarantees that every down they use in their products satisfies the highest requirements. Gant forbids the live plucking, molt harvesting, and force-feeding of birds as a sign of their overall respect for the welfare of these creatures throughout their lives. This time your wool-warm hoodies and premium sweatshirts will not make you feel guilty.

Recyclable Polyester

While natural fibers make up the majority of Gant’s materials, they strategically incorporate synthetic fibers like recycled polyester when it’s the most suitable choice. In their pursuit of sustainability, Gant aims to use recycled synthetics whenever possible. 

For instance, they utilize recycled polyester in outerwear padding and their Ocean Prep line, which features upcycled synthetics. This approach reduces the environmental impact of synthetic materials.

Looking for a more diverse yet sustainable look?

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Circular Fashion System

Gant is dedicated to sustainability, even beyond ethical material sourcing. To encourage the reuse, repair, and recycling of their products, they have put in place a Circular Fashion System strategy. By extending the life of their clothing and cutting waste, Gant helps to make the premium brand fashion industry more environmentally friendly. It also establishes a standard for top premium brands to follow in adopting more eco-friendly practices. This approach is in line with the ideas of the circular economy.

Beyond only providing products, Gant is dedicated to ethical and sustainable sourcing. Through the integration of sustainable materials and cutting-edge design and production methods, Gant ushers in a new era of environmentally conscious premium fashion. Their commitment to sustainability does not mean sacrificing quality or style. The whole premium market is led by this harmonious combination of eco-friendly methods and avant-garde styles.


Top premium brand, Gant is implementing a clear strategy to increase the company’s sustainability compared to a few years ago. By showcasing Gant’s pioneering efforts in sustainable fashion, our aim is to inspire and prompt premium fashion brands to adopt practices such as using recycled materials, implementing carbon-neutral manufacturing, and embracing other innovations that foster a more environmentally conscious fashion landscape.