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Achieving an aligned smile while maintaining confidence in smiling and comfort throughout your treatment is a possibility with transparent braces.

Want to know more about this discreet and efficient treatment model? See in this text the different models of invisible braces, what are the advantages of opting for this model, what the routine is like, how the treatment works and how to know if it is suitable for your case. Check out more below:


What are the Invisible braces?

Unlike traditional fixed braces with rubbers and brackets, transparent braces have a much more discreet and pleasant aesthetic. Known as an aesthetic brace, this model is produced with transparent materials, such as sapphire, porcelain, and polycarbonate, in the case of the fixed model, and in the mobile models, produced with acetate with Ensmile’s invisible braces

Transparent fixed braces:

Also produced with brackets and metal wires, the transparent fixed appliance model has a treatment process similar to the traditional one. In this way, the patient needs to follow the same recommendations as in a common fixed treatment so that tooth movements occur as planned

Mobile Transparent braces:

The mobile transparent braces is the treatment with transparent aligners, made in a personalized way and with the highest technology of digital orthodontics it is almost imperceptible when smiling and ensures even more predictability and comfort throughout the smile transformation process.

For its accomplishment, the scanning of the dental arches with 3D technology allows the dentist to visualize with high precision the patient’s smile and thus to be able to predict the exact dental movements even before starting the treatment.

How does the Invisible braces work?

The transparent braces is made in a technological and individualized way to transform the smile of patients. For this, after the first face-to-face consultation, the dentist in Grays Lake plans the dental movements and the number of aligners that the patient will use throughout the treatment.

As each aligner is made to carry out the exact movements planned at the beginning of the treatment, they are much more predictable and, in addition, the predictability makes the treatment more comfortable, since the material exerts gentle and constant force so as not to cause pain and discomfort for the patient.

What are the advantages of transparent braces?

As we said earlier, the invisible braces is a more aesthetic and discreet model of transforming your smile. Some of the advantages of choosing this model are as follows:


Thanks to the 3D technology that allows an exact view of the patient’s dental arch, the planning of dental movements and the material of the transparent aligners, this model allows the treatment time to be much faster than the traditional one.


In addition to being almost imperceptible and faster, the transparent braces is also much more comfortable. The reason for this is that it doesn’t have brackets and irons and so it doesn’t hurt the gums or bother during the treatment. Also, as the clear aligners are removable, you can remove them before eating and brushing your teeth, so you don’t have to change your routine.


As we said earlier, clear aligners are removable. That way, unlike fixed appliances that make it difficult to clean your teeth correctly, you can remove them before brushing.

How is the treatment with the Invisible braces?

Now that you know how treatment with the transparent braces works, learn how your diet and oral hygiene routine should be during use:


As we have shown before, one of the biggest advantages of using clear aligners is that, as they are removable, you don’t have to stop eating whatever you want during the treatment.


As the clear aligners are removable, during treatment you can maintain your oral hygiene routine much more easily. In addition, it is ideal that you take good care of cleaning your braces to maintain its effectiveness, see how to clean it correctly:

Routine of use:

Now that you know how your food and oral hygiene should be with the clear aligners, during treatment, be sure to wear each aligner for at least 22 hours a day, always removing it to eat and brush your teeth.

How do you know if the clear braces are right for you?

The transparent braces is suitable for anyone who wants to transform their smile in a discreet, practical and comfortable way. So, if you want to transform your smile in a smart way, be sure to schedule your free pre-assessment with one of our dentists.

This moment lasts only twenty minutes and can be performed anywhere! During this time, the dentist analyzes your smile and discusses his expectations for treatment.

In addition, at that time, it indicates whether your case can be treated with aligners. However, to be sure that your teeth can be aligned with the braces, you need to go through the face-to-face consultation where there is a scan of the dental arches, X-ray and the evaluation of one of our dentists.


One of the most important questions is How much braces cost in pakistan. As we said earlier, the treatment with clear aligners is much faster, more discreet, and more efficient than the fixed braces, so its cost becomes even more beneficial. After the dentist analyzes your smile and indicates which treatment model is right for you, you will talk to one of Ensmile’s consultants and he will inform you about the values ​​​​and payment possibilities for your treatment with invisible braces.

What are the care after using the Invisible braces?

As with any other orthodontic treatment, after achieving an aligned smile, it is also essential to take some care to ensure that the results after using the braces are preserved. See what they are below:

  1. Use restraint properly

While the transparent braces is responsible for dental movements, the containment must be used precisely to ensure the reverse effect, that is, to keep the teeth in the desired position. For this reason, it is essential not to fail to use these braces correctly for at least 22 hours a day for 3 months. After this period, use the restraint only for sleep.

  1. Keep taking care of your oral hygiene

A beautiful smile is not just about straight teeth, but also strong and healthy teeth. So, in addition to using the dental braces, be sure to take care of your oral health following the following tips:

brush your teeth three times a day;

use oral hygiene products that contain fluoride;

Don’t forget to floss once a day.

  1. Be sure to visit your dentist

Even taking great care with your oral hygiene, having a close follow-up with a dentist is necessary to identify and prevent oral health problems from the beginning and perform an in-office teeth cleaning procedure. The ideal is to carry out this visit every 6 months, even if you have no apparent need.

  1. Perform teeth whitening

Over time, it is natural for teeth to yellow and small stains to appear. Therefore, a good alternative to having an even more harmonious and beautiful smile is to perform dental whitening right after teeth alignment.

Throughout this text we explain that the transparent braces are much more discreet than the traditional ones with braces and irons. With this model, patients can transform their smile while maintaining discretion and self-esteem in smiling using the braces. We also show you how treatment with Ensmile aligners works, what care to take during use and how to know if it is right for you.

Now that you know more about the transparent braces, how about scheduling your virtual pre-assessment with one of our dentists to learn more about Ensmile?

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