Jeff Bezos and the secretive world of superyachts

Jeff Bezos
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News about the fact that Jeff Bezos has bought a “super yacht” has revived interest in the shady world of ultra-rich world travelers who have these ultimate status emblems. Experts believe that the industry of super yachts has been flourishing for a long time even through the worldwide economic slowdown brought on due to the pandemic. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the world’s most wealthy man has seen his wealth nearly double since the year 2017. thanks to his bank account growing this year, as more customers than ever before turned to shopping online.


It’s not only Bezos. A lot of the world’s richest are seeing their wealth increase in recent years.

In the midst of everything the shipyards are still turning out massive yachts that experts claim are becoming larger as they become more popular. According to brokers and experts there were more yachts sold than any time before with 2021 expected to set new sales records.

What can we learn about Bezos”s yacht?

This 417ft (127m) boat is currently being constructed at the Netherlands by Oceanco, according to the biographie of Bezos by Bloomberg News. It’s estimated to cost around $500 million (PS350m) that’s a one-off for the world’s most wealthy man, who at one time jumped to $13 billion in just one day in the year 2020. His net worth as of now is close to $200 billion. The price doesn’t include the smaller motorized “support yacht” that Bezos is also planning to purchase. The smaller yacht has the helicopter landing pad Bezos wife, TV anchor Lauren Sanchez, is a qualified helicopter pilot. The main vessel isn’t able for support of its own helipad due the three sail masts that are on its deck. The smaller vessel is believed to have other items, including automobiles, luxury speedboats ,and probably even an underwater vessel, according to experts. The extremely secretive super yacht plan known as Y721 is scheduled to be completed by the end of next month as per Bloomberg. It’s possible that the request was made several years ago, as custom-built vessels such as this can take between five and five years to construct. Oceanco The Dutch manufacturer of yachts has not made any comments about the project. They have previously constructed the 350-foot Black Pearl, the second largest sailboat in the world.

Is a yacht a super yacht?

There is no definitive definition of super yachts (versus a normal yacht) however in the field, the term is generally used to refer to a vessel that is longer than 74 feet. There are those who disagree with that definition, saying that the term”super yachts” applies to vessels that are longer than 200 feet. Some brokers even refer to the phrase “gigayacht” to refer to vessels that are longer than 300 feet. “It’s all a little bit of marketing,” says Bill Springer, who writes about the industry of yachting for Forbes magazine. Bezos his yacht, which comes at over 400 feet nearly as huge that The Great Pyramid of Giza (if the ship was built horizontally). It’s less than half the length of the Eiffel Tower. A few large super-yachts similar to that of the Bezos vessel are built each year, but the most high-profile projects are usually completed with so much secrecy that builders must agree to non-disclosure contracts. It’s therefore unlikely that we’ll ever be able to determine whether Jeff Bezos has copied the decorative style of Russian Oligarch and fellow boat captain Andrey Melnichenko, who lined an incline staircase on the yacht of one his owners with silver-leaf-sealed, scalloped walls.

What is the industry of yachts doing?

The business has grown rapid over the past 20 years. Based on the US National Marine Manufacturers Association Boat sales hit an all-time high of 13 years in 2020, indicating the fact that people were looking to the water to enjoy security, socially-distracted events during lock downs. “The market’s been absolutely roaring,” says Sam Tucker, head of super yachts research at market intelligence firm Vessels Value. “There’s been a record number of transactions done, and that trend is being sustained even until now.” A market that is dominated by used yachts has “just been nuts”, the expert declares. “The market is just red hot.”

“Motor Yacht A,” photographed in the Thames in London in 2017.

According to Tucker reports, there are 9,357 yachts that are over 65ft that are in the water – that is, those which haven’t been sunk or remain on the land. The majority are motorised while 15 percent are sail vessels similar to the one Bezos placed an order for. There were fewer yachts chartered in 2020 Tucker states, and Tucker attributes to pandemic travel restrictions that have stopped normal tourism. The sales decreased for a short period after lockdown orders hit US in the year before and then exploded. The month of July “it was like someone flipped a switch” as the orders began to come in at a rapid pace according to Bob Denison, who’s been a yacht broker in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, since 2001.

“There’s been nothing like it before,” he declares. “The amount of demand is two or threefold more than I’ve ever seen.”

Denison’s business had sold 1,008 vessels by the end of 2020 – which was a 35% increase from prior year. Denison is in the process of achieving a 30% growth in 2021. Around 65 of the ones the ones he was able to sell in the year 2020 included superyachts. In the first quarter of 2019, around 40 superyachts were sold, which is about 2.2 superyachts were sold by his company every week from January. Demand has surpassed supply completely According to his coworker Ben Farnborough, who adds that it’s becoming more difficult to locate used boats to sell. Farnborough believes that the ease of travel restrictions due to coronavirus will soon allow people for travelers to visit Europe to find additional second-hand boats to sell within the US.

Who is the person who buys a superyacht?

The vessels are typically purchased by corporations , and later let out by the corporation’s owner, which makes it difficult to know for certain the yachts owned by who. At the famous shipbuilding ports such as Oceanco’s in the Netherlands which is where Oceanco is situated, enthusiasts will attempt to identify private aircraft tail numbers in the hope of determining which billionaires have travelled to see their dream yacht. Privacy is the primary goal having a yacht says Tucker who refers to it as the “opaque industry”. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates who are also tech billionaires are believed to have yachts. “These are very private assets and one of the reasons they’re bought is for privacy,” Tucker says. Tucker. Privacy also provides security and protection, which is which is a significant aspect for the most wealthy people on the planet.

Bezos talks in 2017 aboard a spaceship constructed by Blue Origin, his company. Blue Origin

However, despite the growing popularity, those with the most be inclined to keep their most recent gadgets in the privacy of their homes. Following the time that Hollywood billionaire David Geffen posted online about being “isolated” on his yacht in a tropical location and hoping that everyone other had “staying safe” during the outbreak, he was swiftly harassed by the land dwellers. “Did David Geffen just give everyone the middle finger?” One user on Instagram tweeted in response to Geffen’s snarky brag. Also read : wpc27 , wpc2029 , mbc2030 , art of zoo , pubgguider , pubg guider , 6strams tiktok vs youtube , 6streams , youtube to mp4 , youtube to mp3 , milk jug
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