Jonah Engler Approved Ways to Strengthen Your Willpower

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If you had a chance to ask for one superpower, what would it be? Jonah Engler suggests that 2 out of 5 people chose strong willpower when they were asked the same question. Having strong willpower and a sense of self-control can help you achieve any goal that you might have in your life. Having an unending reservoir of mental strength is the one thing that you will need every step of the way.

When it comes to achieving your dreams and excelling in life, willpower and self-control make all the difference in the world. Take any success story that you have ever heard, the person will tell you that they did not give up regardless of the circumstances. And, this is what they mean by being strong-willed and having self-control.

If you think you lack self-control and willpower, this post is just what you need!


Tips to Strengthen Your Willpower and Self-Control by Jonah Engler

According to the American Psychological Association:

Willpower is when people to resist their desiresso that they can achieve their goals in life.”

There comes a time in life when you feel tempted to just drop everything and do your heart’s bidding. However, this is not how you succeed or achieve your dreams. Going after your goals requires some serious dedication and compromise on your part.Strong willpower helps you keep your targets in check and helps you keep going even when the path becomes difficult.

Here are some of the most effective tips by Jonah Engler that you can adopt to strengthen your willpower and self-control:

Take Small Baby Steps, Says Jonah Engler

You cannot possibly think that you can change everything in one go. The faster you try to change things, the quicker they will revert back to their original state. Take your time to figure out what needs to be fixed and how.

If you rush it, you will not only fail at strengthening your willpower. Rather you will also feel unmotivated when things do not work out. This is why Jonah Engler says that you should take smaller steps and do one thing at a time.

Develop Powerful Habits for Yourself

Developing stronger and sustainable habits is one of the key ways for you to strengthen your willpower. Even if you start by adapting a very small habit, make sure that you stick to it. For instance, if a morning walk is what you have started to freshen up in the morning, then do not give it up.  Such small yet strong habits can have a very positive and powerful impact on your self-control in everyday life.

Take Small Yet Frequent Breaks Through the Day

It is understandable that people cannot portray willpower and optimism all the time. There might come an instance where you will feel like giving up or make a poor decision that you might regret. It is essential that you take a short but frequent break to give yourself a breather. Doing this will help you freshen up and continue with a more positivemindset.

Final Thoughts

Willpower and self-control are two of the most powerful factors that impact your journey to success. While developing strong willpower and self-control is no easy feat to achieve, it is still doable if you put your mind to it. As said by Jonah Engler earlier, you can start small, develop powerful habits, and give yourself time to rest if you want to strengthen your willpower. Good Luck!






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