15 Men’s Shalwar kameez Latest Eid Collection 2020

men's shalwar kameez
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Edenrobe Men’s Shalwar Kameez in 2020

In Pakistan, Shalwar Kameez is not only a casual outfit but it is also an informal dress for men, and you can also wear shalwar kameez on any function, Jumma prayer, and as well as  Eid prayer. In the summer season, everyone likes to wear light and a simple dressing. In this post, I am going to show you the latest Edenrobe men’s shalwar kameez designs 2020. Edenrobe is one of the tremendous clothing brands in the Pakistani market. Here I am around the best shalwar kameez designs 2020 by Edenrobe.

Men’s Shalwar kameez is one of the traditional dresses which is worn by every man and woman. Adonerob offers you the latest collection of men and women’s shalwar suite. A big man clothing brand in Pakistan also introduces high-quality men clothing for every season. Look here pick any design you want to change your style this summer. Let’s have a look at these stitched shalwar kameez collection by Edonrobe, enjoy summer with these styles.

It is one of the famous fashion brands for men. These summer dresses for eid are really stylish and can be worn by all the groups of ages. Recently Edonrabe introduces the best dresses in shalwar kameez. Have a look now.

men's shalwar kameez

Best Men’s Shalwar Kameez By Edenrobe

Edenrobe provides every event dresses like mehndi and gets together, a variety of embroidered kameez suit to celebrate events memorably. Edenrobe offers you the best dress for eid day too. On the occasion of Eid, Pakistani men prefer to wear kurta pajama and shalwar kameez. So do you want to wear a comfortable dress this summer season? Here you can find the best eid men’s shalwar kameez suits. Make your eid day fresh and less panic. Go for light and fresh summer colors these will make you feel relaxed when the temperature is high.

Men,s shalwar kameez

Edenrobe products line offers an ethnic wear men’s shirts, t-shirts men suiting sherwani suits boys and girls collection. Wear this sophisticated yet traditional look dress on this eid.

 1.Steel Blue

This blue simple men’s shalwar kameez is really perfect for this eid. The plain fabric is really comfortable for men. The beautiful steel colors with cut and saw work on the collar, front Patti, and cuff embroidered used on the front panel. Try this steel color dress for you. Wear this dress and make yourself comfortable. You will love this Edenrobe men’s shalwar kameez.

Men,s shalwar kameez

2.Beige Color

This is a beige color best for eid. These dresses are available online so you can buy this at affordable prices. This is the best men shalwar suit collection as you can see. The beautiful VP fabric for men. The beautiful cut and saw work on collar and front  Patti embroidered(band collar, front Patti kurta cuff).

Men,s shalwar kameez

3.Silver Sage

You will love this silver sage on eid day also best for formal summer hot days. This suit makes really gentleman look personality. The comfortable new arrival suit for the summer season with less price. It’s a plain fabric that will keep the body temperature normal in hot days. The beautiful embroidery work on the front Patti cut and saw work on the collar. The metal button is also used.

Men,s shalwar kameez

4.Navy Blue

One of the favorite color among the men is Navy Blue. It is also available in cotton satin fabric, with a shirt collar style cutwork on collar placket and cuff contrast fabric use in collar Patti and cuff. Buy this comfortable fabric on this eid.

Men,s shalwar kameez

5.Black Color

The black cotton satin fabric is also comfortable in the summer season. These ethnic festive men shalwar suit collection perfect for eid day, the magnificent cut and saw the design stitch in shalwar suite contrast work on the collar, front Patti and ban collar and button cuff.

Men,s shalwar kameez

6.Olive Color

This textured fabric with olive color men’s shalwar kameez suit is perfect for young boys. The embroidery work on collar and front panel contrast piping on collar and cuff and Patti. The color is really cool.Men,s shalwar kameez

7.Dull Brown

This dull brown with a textured fabric which is done with cut and saw work on collar and front Patti contrast use on the collar. front Patti( band collar, front Patti, kurta caff). The metal rivet is used on collar both sides and button Patti downside. Men,s shalwar kameez

8.Green Color

The stylish swish collection for men’s shalwar kameez suits. It is an in-plane fabric. The work is done on the collar and front Patti, front Patti collar and shoulder and cuff. Keep scrolling down to look more shalwar kameez suits for men.

Men,s shalwar kameez

9.Mid Blue

This is a plain fabric in mid-blue color shalwar kameez dress for men. Embroidery on the collar and front panel and mettle button is used.  Take the look of this mid-blue dress which is perfect on this eid. Try these latest men’s shalwar kameez suites on eid day.

Mid blue Edenrobe Shalwar Kameez For Men

10.Grey Color

This plain texture fabric is really wonderful fabric for every man. The embroidery on the collar is really marvelous and greater work is done on it. Men,s shalwar kameez

11.Light Brown

Another light brown collection is here for eid day. This plain fabric is comfortable for men. The styles of this men’s shalwar kameez suit are cute and saw work and Patti contrast used on collar. Metal rivet is used on collar both sides. These suites are marvelous and well stitched. Edaonrobe offers you many other branded fabric for little boys also.Men,s shalwar kameez


Choral is one of the perfect and favorite dresses for men. This plain charcoal fabric with a cut and saw work on the collar and front Patti contrast has used. This dress is simple but well stitched. Try these men’s shalwar kameez dresses and make your look dashing.Men,s shalwar kameez

13.Deep Brown 

This deep brown color is suitable and best suite for men for eid collection. The embroidery work on the front Patti is nicely done. I would prefer you to select these dresses to make your day remarkable on this Eid.

Men,s shalwar kameez

14.Ash Grey

This ash grey with PV  is such a tremendous dress for men. The simple front collar and  Petti embroidered used on collar.

Men,s shalwar kameez

15.White Color

A white dress is the favorite dress of all men. These men’s shalwar kameez dresses are perfect for Eid namaz and also for Jumma namaz.

Men's Shalwar Kameez

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