Let’s debunk some perfume myths

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Isn’t it baffling how the world of fragrances, particularly luxury women’s perfume, is replete with tales, tips, and taboos? From age-old adages to modern “fragrance hacks”, many of us have internalised these myths without batting an eyelid. But it’s high time to dissect the truth from the tales. If you’ve been thinking you know all about how to sport that enchanting scent, think again. We’re here to shed light on some of the most prevalent perfume myths. And once we’ve sifted fact from fiction, we’ll take you on a fragrant journey with Lancôme perfumes, the crown jewel in the world of luxury scents.

Let’s go myth-busting: 


Myth 1: Rubbing Your Wrists Together Ruins the Fragrance

Fact: Rubbing the wrists can cause the top notes to fade faster due to friction-generated heat. However, it doesn’t necessarily ‘ruin’ the fragrance; it merely alters its progression.

Myth 2: Perfume Should Only Be Applied On Pulse Points

Fact: While pulse points do emit heat that can intensify a fragrance, applying anywhere else such as behind the knees or on the hair can be equally effective.

Myth 3: Perfumes Last Longer on Oily Skin

Fact: Perfumes might have a more pronounced scent on oily skin, but longevity is subjective and can vary based on various factors, including a perfume’s ingredients.

Myth 4: Eau de Parfum is Always Stronger than Eau de Toilette

Fact: Eau de Parfum often has a higher concentration of oils, but ‘strength’ is subjective. What’s more crucial is the perfume’s composition and the wearer’s skin chemistry.

Myth 5: Men’s and Women’s Perfumes Have Set Formulas

Fact: There’s no gender in scent. Classification is mainly for marketing. 

Myth 6: Storing Perfumes in Bathrooms is Ideal

Fact: Bathrooms often have fluctuating temperatures which can degrade the perfume’s quality. It’s better to store them in a cool, dry place.

Myth 7: Perfumes Smell the Same on Everyone

Fact: Skin chemistry plays a huge role in how a perfume manifests. What smells divine on one might smell different on another.

Myth 8: More Expensive Perfumes are Better

Fact: Price isn’t always indicative of quality. Other factors such as quality of ingredients used, fragrance notes and perfumers who concoct these combinations determine the quality of a good perfume.

Now speaking about the perfumes that we personally admire – Lancôme perfumes. They are indeed a symphony for the senses. They harmoniously blend tradition with modernity, exuding timeless elegance. Here are some of their crown jewels:

  1. La Vie Est Belle: A testament to life’s beauty, this perfume boasts notes of iris, jasmine, and sweet gourmand. Its bottle, inspired by the charm of a smile, encapsulates its essence perfectly.
  2. Trésor Midnight Rose: A passionate and seductive scent with raspberry, rose, vanilla, and musk. Its purple-hued bottle hints at the mysteries of the evening.
  3. Idôle: Crafted by three female perfumers, this scent is a blend of rose, jasmine, and chypre. Its bottle, the world’s thinnest, symbolises a new horizon.
  4. Miracle: A vibrant and sparkling fragrance with fruity lychee and freesia notes, celebrating life’s miracles. The bottle’s design reflects the fragrance’s effervescence.

Luxury women’s perfumes, especially ones from Lancôme, are more than just fragrances. They’re experiences, memories, and emotions bottled up. With our guide on the process of buying the best perfumes, you can embrace these scents and find what truly resonates with you.