7 Little Changes That Will Make A Big Difference In Your Life

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If Tim Berners-Lee, the World Wide Web inventor (WWW), had patented his idea in 1989, the world would be remarkably different today. There might have been multiple internets today, all incompatible with one another. But he kept the web an open and democratic platform for all.

One little decision changed the course of history. And that, my dear friend, is the lesson to be learnt here. Little changes can make a big difference in your life, and you must make small changes in your daily life to reach your big idea. Let’s dive together into some of them and change our lives for the better.


1. Breathe evenly and deeply

Yes, some little changes are as simple as that. Just breathe more evenly and deeply, which calms you down and ensures that your lungs have enough oxygen for your brain to work more efficiently.

Breathing deeply also helps you in centring yourself when you are stressed out. It makes you focus on what’s important and cut out all the unhelpful thoughts. Take a deep breath and find happiness in little things.

2. Seize the moment

Reading poems, if that’s your thing, would make you realize that poets often talk about living in the moment. We often place a lot of value on the future, and although one must always work towards it, it does not have to be the ‘be-all and end-all’ for you.

Don’t forget that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and the journey is often more fruitful than the destination. Remind yourself constantly that ‘this’ is all you have, and then proceed to have some fun.

Spend some much needed quality time with your family. If you are busy on weekdays, then plan a picnic with your family on weekends. Make it thematic and show up wearing matching family tshirts. Sounds fun right? Go out for dinners with your better half, or a theme park or any romantic & quiet place and make the most of it. Click amazing pictures and make awesome memories with some couple t shirts.

Live the present fully and without any fears of consequences. Remember how hard we plan; life is also partly about destiny. Give your 100% and leave the rest to the Universe to do its magic.

3. Learn something new

As I write this article, I am enrolled in a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) class. Why? Because I need to get fit and feel joy while doing it. Another primary reason is the awareness that learning something new keeps our brains healthy.

The new knowledge makes you feel more confident when exploring the unknown. This slight change makes your approach more creative, open and adaptable. As a long-term investment, it comes to your rescue when trying to diversify yourself in new areas.

4. Start working out

If enrolling in a gym seems like a big task, then just go for a walk after your meal. Various scientific studies have shown that brisk walks will help you manage your blood sugar levels better, increase your mental sharpness, and make your heart healthy.

If walking is not your thing, take the stairs to kill those extra calories, or do yoga with your partner or family. Wearing some fun clothes (add the web link here) while you exercise will make you feel and look good.

What better way to spend quality time with your loved ones than doing exercises together. You all will end up smiling more while getting healthier.

5. Do less

Most of us have grown up with the impression that we need to do more to get more. Thankfully some evidence points in the opposite direction. When you commit yourself to a smaller number of things, your mind becomes focused on achieving results high on substance. Quality paired with quantity is highly desirable.

This form of decluttering makes you more productive, and you feel happier, and this trickles down into other, equally critical personal areas of your life. I am sure you wouldn’t mind a compliment like, “You are doing great and looking happy too.”

Do yourself a favour and use your energy towards things that deserve your full attention. To everything irrelevant, just say a ‘no’.

6. Drink more water, please.

Healthline tells us that your brain is highly affected by your body’s hydration levels. Don’t worry about drinking the recommended glasses of water; just drink one more sip. Once it becomes a habit, an essential part of your daily routine, add another. 

This slight change will keep you physically and mentally active. Your daily tasks would become a piece of cake for you, and your body will thank you for your mindfulness.

7. Laugh more often at yourself

The legendary comic Charlie Chaplin was onto something when he said,

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

Ever made a list of your most liked people? There are a few comic artists on that list, right? That’s the subtle power of humour and candidness in our lives. Humans tend to make light of everything, and why not! What’s life without some big bright laughter?

Laughing at oneself sounds silly, but it greatly helps in your well-being. When you are faced with adversity or stuck in an endless loop, laugh at yourself. It would not make your problems disappear, but it will make you re-evaluate your solutions.

Once a smile enters a room, difficulty eclipses, and everything starts looking possible. Next time, when a thing becomes tragic for you, laugh at yourself and turn it into comedy. Trust me, you are going to feel 10X better immediately!

Summing it up

Nothing wild to say here, except little changes when done sincerely over a long time changes your life in unexpected ways. Being grateful for what one has, stopping to smell the flowers and appreciating everyone’s little efforts in making the world a better place are steps to living a good life. And a good life is sometimes better than the best one!