Lucknow Chronicles: My Jawed Habib Salon Quest

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Hey folks! So, I recently embarked on this wild adventure to Lucknow, you know, that city famous for its kebabs, chikankari, and all things nawabi? Well, To Shuru Karte Hai!

First Impressions: A Salon Oasis

So, there I was, strolling through Lucknow’s chaotic streets, dodging rickshaws and samosa vendors left and right, when suddenly, like a mirage in the desert, I see it – Jawed Habib Lucknow Salon! I mean, talk about unexpected! But hey, who am I to turn down a chance for some hair TLC in the midst of all this chaos?

Into the Hair Abyss

So I was in Hazratganj area, Strolling through Hazratganj, one encounters a blend of colonial-era architecture, traditional shops, modern boutiques, and bustling street vendors. The area is adorned with majestic statues, leafy boulevards, and ornate lamp posts, adding to its enchanting ambiance, I waltz into the salon Jawed Habib Lucknow, and i will tell you, it’s like stepping into a new universe! The rush of the city fade away, replaced by this cool vibe that’s just so soothing. The staff (Atul and Umaid) welcomes me with grins wider than the Gomti River, and before I know it, I’m sipping chai and chatting up a storm like I’ve known these folks my whole life.

Jawed Habib: The Hair Whisperer

Now, Chalo let’s talk about Jawed Habib himself – the man, the myth, the hair legend! I mean, this dude’s got more hair tricks up his sleeve than a Bollywood Jadugar. And his salon? It’s like a treasure trove of beauty secrets waiting to be unlocked! From Keratin treatments to hair extensions, they’ve got it all – and then some!

Personalized Magic

But here’s the kicker: they treat you like royalty, no joke! None of that snooty vibe you sometimes get at fancy salons, oh no. At Jawed Habib, it’s all about making you feel like family. The stylist actually listens to what you want and dishes out advice like your BFF, no strings attached.

Indulgence Overload By Jawed Habib Lucknow

So, there I am, lounging in the chair like a boss while the stylist atul worked his magic. And let me tell you, it’s like a hair party up in here! From the soothing hair spa to the mind-blowing hair extensions, I’m in hair heaven, baby!

My Hair extensions and Keratin treatment experience

Getting hair extensions and trying out a keratin treatment at Jawed Habib Lucknow was great. As I settled into the plush salon chair, surrounded by mirrors reflecting endless possibilities, the hairstylists Atul approached with confidence and warmth. Their smiles were infectious, instantly putting me at ease. We discussed hair lengths, colors, and styles.

The process of getting hair extensions felt like a journey into a world of glamour (Well i planned it many time in Jaipur but never worked out). I felt myself transforming into a more confident version of myself. I already have experience with keratin treatment, The keratin treatment was a great altogether. The creamy concoction was applied with precision, coating each strand with a nourishing elixir. As the treatment set in, I could almost feel my hair sighing with relief, drinking in the rejuvenating goodness.

Parting Words: Lucknow, I’ll Be Back

I can safely say Jawed Habib Lucknow Hazratganj branch is best salon in Lucknow. As I bid Alvida to Jawed Habib Lucknow and Lucknow’s whirlwind streets, I can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness. But hey, at least I’m leaving with hair that’s as fierce as a Lucknowi nawab, am I right? So, if you ever find yourself in Lucknow and in need of a hair miracle, you know where to go – Jawed Habib Lucknow Salon, where every strand is treated like Nawab!