How much does a custom luxury coffee bags packaging box cost?

custom luxury coffee bags packaging box
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When someone thinks of a luxury item, coffee is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. However, speciality coffee is a must for those who care about java. Finding the proper packaging for your coffee can be hard, but it’s worth ensuring that your beans are delivered in the best way possible. That’s where a custom luxury coffee bags packaging box comes in handy.

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Materials and design:

Materials and design are essential to creating a custom coffee bags packaging box. The materials used in the box will affect the look and feel of the product. Most luxury coffee bags come with a cardboard or paperboard box, but you can also find boxes made of genuine leather or wood.

The material used in the custom coffee bags packaging will determine the price. A high-quality, wooden coffee bag packaging box will cost more than a cardboard or paperboard. However, choose a leather option if you’re looking for something that’s likely to last longer.

Some other factors to consider when choosing a packaging box are its size and shape. Make sure to choose one large enough to hold your coffee bag(s) and any extras, like an instruction booklet or coupons.

custom luxury coffee bags packaging box
custom luxury coffee bags packaging box

How much does creating a custom luxury coffee bags packaging box cost?

When purchasing a custom coffee packaging box, you have a few different options to choose from. The cheapest option would be to find an online retailer that offers printing services on demand, such as fast custom boxes. This type of service will cost you $1 to $5 per order, but the quality of the finished product can be questionable. Another option would be to find a local printing company specialising in customized packaging boxes. Prices for these services can range from $20-$50 per order depending on the complexity of your design. If you’re looking for a more expensive option, you could consider hiring a designer to create a custom box. This route will likely cost you around $200-$500, but the result will be one of the most professional-looking boxes.

Production Time: 10-15 working days

Regarding coffee bag packaging boxes, the production time can vary depending on the size and complexity of the box. For a 10-15 working day production time, a basic luxury coffee bag packaging box can cost around $350. However, if you require more intricate or specific design features, your cost could quickly increase by hundreds of dollars.


Shipping a custom luxury coffee bag packaging box can be expensive, depending on the weight and size of the package. A small, lightweight box less than an inch thick will cost a few dollars to ship, while a heavier or larger box will cost more. The shipping company will also charge for packaging materials, such as bubble wrap and styrofoam, which can add to the overall cost.

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In conclusion, custom coffee box costs depend on the design and material chosen, but most likely will be more expensive than a standard coffee bag packaging box. luxury coffee packaging boxes can add an extra class to your coffee gifts and make them much more special. So if you’re looking for a unique way to package your coffee gifts, look no further than a custom luxury coffee bags packaging box!

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