Magnificent Cardboard Airships

Magnificent cardboard airships
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Most of us always have had a wide imagination to make various things like airships, helicopters, spacecraft, etc, since childhood. But most of the dreams fade away as we grow. But some people never compromise on their dreams. They are so creative that they try to make them out of the supplies available. Cardboard boxes are the most commonly used material in this regard. Those beginners in the field prefer to make flying machines from cardboard as cardboard is the most versatile and easily available material. It is comparatively cheaper than other materials. Therefore beginners use it to keep costs low. An artist of the Netherland, Jeroen van Kesteren, is one of the creative men who created a stunning sculpture of airships using cardboard. He used many old custom cardboard or custom printed boxes for this purpose.


 Materials Required:

Some of the basic materials needed in the making of magnificent cardboard airships include:

  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum foil
  • Adhesives
  • An assortment of papers (for sails and propellers)

Features of Magnificent cardboard Airships:

Over the past few years, Jeroen van Kesteren has been working on these sculptures of airships as part of a series named “Orphanage for Lost Adventures”. Although the structure looks complicated, it is designed from some basic raw materials as mentioned above. These magnificent flying machines have a unique steampunk feel. The height of the cardboard airship range from 40-50 centimeters and take approximately one month to make. Kesteren’s wide imagination has taken his work a step further. The artist has worked on every minute detail to give an extraordinary finish to every part. Some of his amazing works, like the one shown in the image below, will always remain a part of history.

Cardboard Airship DIY:

If you want to make a cardboard airship on your own, follow some of the simple steps:

  • Step 1: Design the airship

You can design the structure of the airship by using your own creativity or take the help of SketchUp. It’s a free program for 3-dimensional computer modeling. The airship is made of a balloon-like structure attached to an oversized ship, similar to a pirate ship hanging below.

  • Step 2: Cut and Assemble the Balloon Pieces

The custom boxes of cardboard lying in any corner of your house can be used to make the balloon structure. You can also use to design the balloons otherwise, cardboard is a good option. The balloon is designed in two halves that bolt together. To give it extra strength, a framework of 1/4th-inch birch plywood can be used to make its internal structure. Put all the pieces together and let the glue dry.

  • Step 3: Skinning the Balloon

The structure of the balloon should be covered with canvas cloth to add more grace. Staple the canvas at one place and then trim the remaining one with scissors. The process can be easier if one person pulls the canvas tightly and the other secures it at the right place by using a staple gun.

  • Step 4: Adding Lights (Optional)

A flexible LED strip can be used on the airship by using a sticky adhesive at the back. If you do not want to use it, design artificial lights using cardboard pieces and fix them tightly with the structure.

  • Step 5: Assemble the Airship

Once you have constructed all the airship parts, start assembling them. In addition to glue and duct tape, you can use staples to fix them tight. You can also enhance the attractiveness of the airship by designing 3D lanterns, moving oars, and propellers. Decorate the ship by using chains, beads, decorative net, and other ornaments if needed.

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