Make Your Home Accessible This Holiday Season

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Accessibility is important during the holidays for anyone with elderly or disabled family members. This blog will help you make your home more accessible, from choosing the right decorations to heating and lighting your home properly. 

You can find helpful tips and advice here, whether you are a new home decorator or just looking to make your home more accessible in the coming year.


What Is Accessible Home Design?

These accessibility guidelines will make your holiday home easier for everyone. Accessibility is the design of a home that allows people with disabilities to access it and enjoy it. Accessibility can be defined as making your home available to people with disabilities and wheelchair users. 

Also, be mindful of sensory and mental needs when designing accessible spaces for holidays. You can use checklists to help you decide how to make your home more accessible for your family members. Designing for accessibility is fun!

How To Make Your Holiday Season More Inclusive In Your Home

Make your home easier to use this holiday season. To make your home easier for everyone, organize clutter and create safe walking or rolling spaces. Installing a ramp or stairlift for guests who are in wheelchairs, walkers, or have difficulty with stairs is an option. 

To make it easier for everyone to navigate your home, adjust the lighting in your home to make it more sensory-friendly. For people with mobility problems, even simple things such as door knobs can pose challenges. 

Adaptability is the key to success! Before the holidays, take some time to consider what modifications might be most appropriate for you. 

This could include adaptive furniture, assistive tech, Christmas trees with low-profile or removable branches, and many other options.

Decorating Tips For Holidays That Include People With Disabilities

This is the best time of year to decorate. It doesn’t matter if your skill level is beginner or expert at stringing lights and garlands. Making your home more accessible for the holiday season will make it easier. These are five ways to ensure your holiday guests love your home.

1. Avoid knick-knacks, holiday decorations, and other ornaments on the floor – this will prevent falls for seniors and persons with disabilities.

2. You can create a festive atmosphere using brightly-colored garland and lighting, but you should also be prepared to accommodate sensory sensitive people.

3. Make sure guests have easy access and aren’t restricted by steps or decorations to bathroom spaces.

4. To prevent slip hazards, consider removing rugs from the flooring as people move around the house.

5. Make sure that you have an emergency plan for any unexpected situations.

Resource For Home Modifications

Make your home more accessible this holiday season by using the right resources. You can find many forums and groups online that offer assistance in designing accessible homes. Join them and get advice from the pros. The ramp is a great resource for anyone who is concerned about accessibility. 

What Materials Are Needed To Make My Home More Accessible For All Ages?

These simple accessibility tips will make your home easier for people with disabilities.

1. Ramps can be a wonderful home modification that helps those with disabilities navigate their way around the house. They are also great for avoiding slips or trips in wet or icy situations.

2. Grab bars can be mounted on doors and walls to make it easier for elderly people to access cabinets and appliances and to help them navigate their homes. These bars can also be used to prevent falls while going up or down stairs.

3. Braille labels or large print tags can be put on necessary items in the house, such as light switches, buttons, appliances…anything! This will make it easy for everyone to access information, especially since older people may need glasses.

How Can I Make Sure That Every Person Who Comes To Our Home During The Holidays Has A Wonderful Experience?

It can be difficult to ensure that everyone who comes to your home for the holidays has an enjoyable experience. These simple tips will help you get started.

1. Talk to your family about a plan. Are there any guests who require modifications to their homes for accessibility? Are there any guests who will need to bring a caregiver? Everyone can reach out to each other and create a plan. This will avoid any unanticipated clashes or disagreements.

2. Holiday decorations should be simple and easy to alter. Everything can be moved or changed as necessary without much fuss.

3. You should have wheelchair access points: Another way to ensure everyone has a wonderful experience is to designate a space in your home for guests. Accessibility is a top priority for everyone, so make sure it’s a separate bedroom, lounge, or another area.

4. To ensure that everyone’s accessibility needs can be met, determine what financial assistance is needed.

Is It Acceptable To Decorate My Home For Holidays In An Inaccessible Way?

Consider including people with disabilities when decorating your home for the holidays. 

Here are some tips:

1. You can test out various decorations and make adjustments as necessary. You can rest assured that everyone will love the final product.

2. Flexible or flexible materials are best as they can be used in various situations. This will make it easier to move around the party and have guests with disabilities enjoy it.

3. Include photos of your work to let potential guests know what you expect.

These Are Some Ideas To Help You Modify Your Home For The Holiday Season.

Everybody should be able and able to enjoy the holidays without any restrictions. You can make your home more accessible to everyone this holiday season by doing these things. Consider all those who might need access to your home, including family members with disabilities or friends. 

When decorating for holidays, think about accessibility and what items might help. You might consider installing grab bars or ramps at places people may be climbing.


Follow these tips to make your home easier to use this holiday season. These simple steps will make your home more accessible and easier to use for all members of your family. Accessibility is a priority for you.