Mangago: A Cool Manga App To Discover New Manga And Access Free Manga Books

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The world of manga is limitless and has so many different stories. With the rise of digital reading, there has never been a better time to discover new manga. Manga apps have made it possible for you to access an endless library of free manga. There are so many different ways you can read these free manga. Here’s why you should get into Mangago right now.


What is Mangago?

Mangago is a site that provides digital reading access to a large collection of manga. You can read and enjoy manga right on your mobile device. With Mangago, you can read manga for free! Mangago is the easiest way to discover manga. Mangago has a large collection of manga with different categories. You can choose from a collection of millions of manga.

Mangago offers a large variety of manga genres including horror, sports, fantasy, mystery, and romance manga. It also classifies Japanese comics according to their demographics. Mangago has different reading modes including an e-reader, black and white mode, and a zoom mode. You can explore the app and choose from different categories to find the manga that interests you the most.

How to read manga for free in Mangago?

Mangago allows you to read manga for free. All you have to do is search for Mangago in your browser and you can start reading right away. Mangago has a large collection of manga with different categories. You can choose from a collection of millions of manga.

Once you find a manga book you’d like to read, you can read it on your mobile device. Mangago has a reading mode that allows you to read manga in black and white so that you can enjoy reading manga even if you have poor eyesight. Mangago has an e-reader mode that allows you to read manga right on your mobile device. Mangago also has a zoom mode that allows you to choose an optimal reading experience.

Features of Mangago

  1. Safe from Malware. A good manga site should not only cater to the needs of readers when it comes to manga variation, but it should also offer a safe browsing experience. Accessing a safe manga reading site such as Mangago will assure you that your device is safe from malware.
  2. Millions of Japanese comic books. The best manga site should contain all the bestsellers and hit Japanese graphic novels to cater to the needs of readers. Mangago has all the manga books available around the world. You can also find the anime series manga versions in Mangago. Explore the world of manga with Mangago.
  3. No sign up required. Mangago assures its users that their personal information is safe and the app is safe from identity theft. Mangago doesn’t require its users to share their personal information on the site.
  4. Hundreds of Genres. Finding a manga site that has all the genres available nowadays is very hard. Most manga sites focus on one genre, the good news is Mangago has hundreds of genres. It contains all the genres you may like and want to explore.
  5. Updated with new releases. Your go-to manga reading site must contain the new releases. Mangago is updated with new manga updates every day to cater to readers’ reading appetites.
  6. Customer Service Button. This feature proves why you should pick Mangago over other manga reading sites. By clicking the contact button you’ll be able to send your concerns and inquiries directly to the developers.
  7. Reading Manga on the go. Using Mangago you can read manga online and offline. If you’d like to read it offline just download the manga on your device and you’re good to go.

Top 5 Manga of 2022 found in Mangago

The best manga is the one that makes you want to read more. With that in mind, Mangago has a diverse and incredible collection of mangaowl. Below are the Top 5 Manga of 2022 found in Mangago.

  1. My Love Story 


Kazune Kawahara (Writer). Aruko (Illustrator).


Comedy, Romance, Shoujo.

Upon rescuing Rinko Yamato from an unfortunate incident, Takeo falls in love with her. He has no idea that Rinko is also smitten with him! Takeo, unaware of Yamato’s feelings for Sunakawa, vows to assist in bringing the two closer, even if it means abandoning his own love story.

  1. One Piece


Eiichiro Oda.


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen.

Monkey D. Luffy is a teenage boy who, motivated by a longly admired pirate, the mighty captain Red-Haired Shanks, sets out off the East Blue Sea to discover the fabled bounty, the One Piece, and declare himself Master of the Pirates.

  1. Koe no Katachi


Yoshitoki Ooima.


Drama, Shounen.

When a young middle school student with hearing impairment is cruelly bullied, she switches to another school. Years down the line, one of her bullies decides to make apologies.

  1. Our Dining Table 


Ori Mita.


Yaoi, Slice of Life.

Yutaka Hozumi has long struggled with eating in public, with everyone else reporting that his stance makes meals uninteresting and meals look unpleasant. One day, while having lunch solo, he is joined by a starving small child, to whom he passes over the onigiri from his plate. When the boy’s older brother arrives, Yutaka meets Tane and Minoru Ueda, a pair of brothers with a substantial age difference. When Yutaka sees the boys again, they want to know how to develop his unique rice balls, which Tane claims are the greatest he’s ever tasted. Yutaka accepts to become their culinary instructor after surrendering to Tane’s cute pleads and his own dread of the formidable Minoru.

  1. Weathering With You


Makoto Shinkai (Writer). Wataru Kubota (Illustrator).


Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life, Seinen.

Summer before the start of sophomore year in high school. Hodaka, ran away from the island they live on and flees to Tokyo, where he spent each day alone. Then he meets a girl named Hina in a crowded downtown area. However, he quickly discovers that she holds a peculiar ability.


Mangago is an app that provides users reading access to a large collection of manga for free. You can read and enjoy manga right on your mobile device. Mangago has a vast manga book genre section that allows you to browse the manga from a specific genre and find the manga book you’d like to read.

Recently there are rumors that Mangago has shut down. There are questions such as What happen to Mangago? By answering this to end rumors, Mangago didn’t shut down. It is active and continues to improve. Those sites that reportedly shut down are the fake ones that contain malicious software that only aims to get money out of users. You can access Mangago by searching for on your browser. Spread this good news and start trying out Mangago!