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Quran Classes Online Skype
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With so many different Quran classes online, it can be hard to find the right one for you. Are you looking for affordable Quran classes that fit into your schedule? If so, consider checking out our online Quran classes through Skype. As an all-online resource, we make it easy to learn about Islam at your own pace and in your own home, no matter where you are! We cover all ages from kids to adults and offer flexible payment options so that you can pay as little or as much as you want based on what works best for you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our affordable Quran classes oline skype !


What we do

We offer affordable online Quran classes for kids and adults. Our goal is to create a simple, convenient option for parents and students to receive quality Islamic education with the aid of technology. It also provides you with an opportunity to learn from your teachers on your own time and at your own pace. This is what makes it so accessible and convenient! Aside from this convenience, there are other benefits of taking a course through our program

How we do it

We offer affordable classes online through Skype, where students can make use of our guided video lessons and receive personal feedback from a native speaker. Unlike in-person classes, which involve tuition, transportation costs, and the need to change locations during school hours to attend sessions, our classes allow for flexible scheduling that fits your own needs. We do not require attendance every day; instead we provide you with a curriculum and allow you to manage how much or how little you want to study.

What makes us different

We offer affordable online Quranic studies for adults and children. From a student perspective, it is easy to be overwhelmed with all the material that one needs to learn in order to master Arabic. There are grammar rules, vocabulary lists, so many lessons- it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. We have thought of a solution- instead of coming into a classroom setting every week and taking on everything at once, why not set up a weekly skype call with an instructor and get 1:1 assistance with questions about your studies or what you’re studying at the time? And when you need a short break from your lessons or other obligations, simply choose an instructor who’s teaching the class that you need next so that no time goes wasted! We also offer Quran Classes Online Skype services for kids.

A few testimonials

We needed an affordable way to learn more about our religion and the Quran, but we couldn’t find a way to do that. When I found education online, I was so excited because their classes are great and they have helped me learn. There are so many resources online, but not many are free or very affordable. That’s why I appreciate Pak Quran online because it has helped me study on my own schedule.


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