Online Visa Requirements to Travel From Belgium to India

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Citizens of 169 countries worldwide can now apply for an Indian eVisa in order to visit the country. The application process is a relatively simple one that does not require the applicants to visit a local embassy or consulate. Instead, travelers complete the entire application online and receive the eVisa electronically via email.


Do Belgian Passport Holders Need a Visa for India?

All foreign travelers visiting India and need to acquire an Indian visa before arriving in the country. Belgian citizens are eligible to apply for the various types of Indian eVisas available to them depending on the nature of their intended visit to the country.

For touristic pursuits, the Indian government offers the Indian Visa for Belgian Citizens which allows travelers to visit the country in order to participate in yoga retreats, sightseeing, and visit family and friends living in the country.

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Belgian travelers can also apply for an Indian eBusiness visa if they intend to visit the country to pursue business engagements, or they can apply for an eMedical visa if they intend to seek medical treatment in the country.

Travelers should consider each visa type carefully before beginning the application process as each visa type comes with its own set of requirements that travelers will need to meet.

What Documents Do Belgians Need to Get for an Indian Visa?

Belgian citizens interested in traveling to India for tourism will need to apply for an Indian eTourist visa. The pre-requisites to applying for an Indian eTourist visa include:

  • Having a valid email address
  • Valid debit/credit card information
  • A valid passport

There are some additional eligibility requirements that travelers will have to ponder upon before applying for the Indian eTourist visa. The eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Each applicant will need to have a passport that will be valid for 6 months after the date of his/her arrival in India
  • The applicant’s passport must have two empty pages where entry and exit stamps can be placed.
  • This type of visa is non-convertible and it cannot be extended beyond the maximum length of stay listed on the approved eVisa.
  • The maximum length of stay on this eVisa is 90-days
  • Travelers can apply for the eTourist visa twice within the same year but not more than that.
  • Each traveler will need to have his/her own passport to apply for this eVisa regardless of their age
  • Parents cannot list their children on their eVisa application.
  • Travelers will need to carry a copy of their eVisa with them at all times during their stay in India
  • The eTourist visa is not valid for visiting restricted areas or cantonment areas within India
  • Applicants with a diplomatic passport or International Travel Documents cannot apply for an Indian eVisa.

The Indian eTourist visa can only be used for entry through 28 designated airports and 5 seaports within India. Travelers will need to obtain a visa from a local Indian embassy or consulate if they plan to arrive in the country by land or by sea.

How Long Does It Take to Get an Indian Visa from Belgium?

Once a traveler submits a completed Indian Visa for Austrian Citizens application form, they will receive their eVisa via email within 4 business days. It may take longer if there is additional evidence that the applicant needs to submit supporting the information already provided on the application form.

This evidence can be a scanned copy of the first page of the applicant’s passport which contains the biographical information relating to the applicant as well as a recent color photograph of the applicant.

The photograph submitted as evidence needs to meet the following specifications:

  • It must be taken against a white background
  • The applicant’s face must be in the center of the photo
  • The applicant’s face must be clearly visible from the crown to the tip of the chin
  • The photo must be in focus

How Can Belgian Citizens Apply for An Indian eVisa?

In order to apply for an Indian eVisa, Belgian Citizens will need to access the Indian Online eVisa website where the applicants will find a link to the online eTourist visa application form.

Applicants will have to fill the application form with personal, professional, educational and passport details.

There might be additional security questions that the applicant might have to answer as well, which will be in a yes or no series. Applicants are advised to answer these questions truthfully and honestly.

In certain cases, applicants may also need to provide a yellow fever vaccination card upon arrival if the applicant has traveled to any of the countries where yellow fever is a concern. Failure to provide a Yellow Fever Vaccination Card may have the applicant quarantined for up to 6 days upon the arrival.

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There is a processing fee that the applicant will have to pay using a valid debit/credit card in order to have the eTourist visa application processed. Once the application is submitted, the applicant will receive his/her eTourist visa via email in a few days’ time.

Applicants must take a printed copy of their eTourist visa with them when they travel so that it can be presented along with their passport to Indian Immigration and Border officials upon arrival in India. Indian official will verify the applicant’s information after which, the traveler will be asked to present his/her fingerprints and a color photo of himself/herself.

The final step in this process is having an entry stamp placed on the applicant’s passport which officially grants them entry into the country.

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