Perfect Office Catering for London Businesses: Bacon Rolls Included!

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At Catering in London, they offer everything you need to ensure your office goes down smoothly and stays on the right track. Regarding office catering in London, you have plenty of options, but not all of them are right for you or your business. That’s where catering companies come in! They are dedicated to bringing the best possible service to each one of their clients and being there through every step of the process because they know their job isn’t finished until you’re happy with the results.


Why Are Bacon Rolls So Popular?

Bacon, eggs and bread. What’s not to love about the iconic bacon roll? This favourite British dish is packed with protein and flavour, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Apart from this it’s really easy to make and can be tailored to your taste buds. Whether you want to spice up a classic recipe by adding chilli sauce, chives and paprika or take your morning routine up a notch by adding more butter and sugar, there are many ways to enjoy bacon rolls.

How Long Do They Take to Make?

The extensive preparation time behind these dishes. They are always fresh, hot and ready to go when they reach your office. But if you need something now, we can do that too. We offer a wide variety of pre-made dishes and sandwiches and live counter service where you can watch your food being prepared. If that’s still not what you’re looking for, no problem!

What Can We Serve with Them?

To accompany crispy bacon rolls, They offer a variety of sandwiches and salads that can be served cold or hot. Sides can include fresh fruit, coleslaw, and baked potatoes with assorted toppings. They’ll have all the paper plates, napkins and forks you need as well as disposable cups of tea or coffee. They also offer apple pies with ice cream if you’re hosting an event at your office and want to serve something sweet after lunch. 

Try Owen Brothers Catering their prices are beatable along with quality food.Their catering services are perfect for any company in London- big or small!

How Much Do They Cost?

In London, due to the competitive market you will get great prices to cater for your office or get-together. It depends on what you want and how many people you’ll be catering to. You can also take a look at the full menu, which includes yummy options like bacon rolls and sandwiches and salads. They will provide everything that you need if you’re looking for the perfect lunchtime meal with some of the best food in London! 

Customised For Your Requirements

Planning office catering in the capital of England can be challenging, especially if you don’t know much about the local cuisine. That’s why we are providing you with the ideas of catering services in southwest London that are customised and tailored to suit your requirements. Whether it be dinner, a party, a corporate lunch or a breakfast meeting, our caterers can provide everything you need.

Our Other Menu Options

In addition to a delectable bacon roll, In London there are many options available. One of the popular and favourite is Traditional English Afternoon Tea with tasty scones and finger sandwiches. The perfect food for the midday munchies or an afternoon pick-me-up. For after-dinner, You will get decadent chocolates and mouth-watering puddings in various flavours if you add them in your menu. 


Owen Brothers Catering is one of the UK’s most successful catering companies, and their dedication to customer service has made them a joy to work with. With their innovative business model, flexible packages, delicious food and drinks, Bacon Roll is the perfect choice for any business. If they are looking to make office catering part of their everyday life.