Pogo-Sticking in SEO: 9 Ways to Make Your Content More Engaging

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Pogo-Sticking is a search engine optimization scenario where the user enters a sire and navigates to the search results to find another result. Pogo-Sticking sounds pretty similar to bounce rate. A few Guaranteed SEO Services Companies and marketers consider pogo-sticking as a ranking factor, as they think Google penalizes the business websites that create pogo-sticking. 

The blog will discuss the primary causes of pogo-sticking, whether it is a ranking factor, and how you should hire professionals at the SEO Services Company India to make your website content more engaging. 

What is Pogo-Sticking? 

As mentioned before, pogo-sticking refers to the scenario when a user enters a site and rapidly navigates back to the search result option to find another result. For instance, you want to know more about e-commerce and search for “e-commerce tips” on Google. You click on the first link, but it does not meet your queries. Therefore, your switch back to the search engines and look for another site. This process is known as pogo-sticking. You can avail of the relevant content marketing services to ensure genuine and unique content and retain the users on your site for a little more. 

Is Pogo-Sticking a Ranking Factor? 

One of the most vital and often raised questions regarding pogo-sticking is whether it is a ranking factor. 

In one word answer, it is ‘no’. 

Google Search Advocate John Muller confirmed it in a Google Webmaster Central hangout in 2018. The scenario is not troublesome from an SEO perspective. 

Though it is not a ranking factor, you will enjoy benefits if the users on your site avoid this behavior. It will help as your motto is to engage the users with your content and stay on your website a little longer. Therefore, it is somewhat alarming from the user experience point of view. 

Reasons of Pogo-Sticking 

Before jumping into the next segment, you must have a basic knowledge of pogo-sticking. The core reasons are: 

  1. Burying the Lead

Burying the lead is a common scenario in news articles where the writers lose the content direction and miss the core element of their articles/blogs. 

  1. Clickbait Content

Clickbait contents draw the visitors’ attention to click on a specific link to reach an article. The contents promise much but deliver less, so the visitors stop browsing such websites further. 

  1. Poor Website Design

Poorly designed website is another crucial reason for pogo-sticking. If the site shows excessive popups or includes intrusive page elements, users are likely to leave; even before reading the content. 

  1. Gated Content

Gated content is a scenario where the website inhibits access to its content to generate more paid subscribers. Several publications follow this model as it has become a common tactic to increase followers. It enhances the chances of pogo-sticking on your website. 

  1. Slow Loading Speed

Last but not least, one of the common reasons for users to leave the site is slow speed. Visitors tend to switch to other sites for answers if the site takes much time to load. 

9 Ways to Dodge Pogo-Sticking and Ensure More Engaging Website Content 

Now, the readers know what pogo-sticking is and the main reasons that cause pogo-sticking. Let us look into ways to avoid pogo-sticking and how to make your content more engaging. 

  1. Leverage the Inverted Pyramid Technique

You can use the inverted pyramid technique to offer the users the core message and interact with them transparently. The readers find the information effortlessly. For instance, you must incorporate the “need to know” section before the “nice to know” section. You need to highlight the most significant aspect of the article first and then proceed to the other topics. 

  1. Incorporate Table of Contents

In case of long posts, consider adding a table of contents to make the process easy for the reader and help them navigate to various sections. Otherwise, they might return to the search engine after seeing such a long post. 

  1. Focus on Page Speed

Check your current site speed and use Google’s free tools like PageSpeed Insights and GTmetric to get an insight into your page speed. Let the system run an analysis and provide a result. If it shows there are scopes of improvement, you can see the recommendations to fix the issue. You can use caching plugins and small-size images to boost page speed. 

  1. Add Internal Links

Internal links boost the authority and guide users to find more resources associated with the blog topic. You can add the links to the top-performing posts to the yet-to-generate traction posts. You can follow this method; every time you publish a new post on your website. 

  1. Add FAQ Section

An FAQ section helps users to remain engaged at your site. The Guaranteed SEO Services Companies implement this technique to rank high on Google. Experts suggest adding an FAQ section at the end of the content to make it more interactive. 

  1. Project E-A-T

E–T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google considers these three factors to evaluate page quality. You can follow the measure to demonstrate E-A-T: 

Be attentive to search intent 

Optimize your author bio 

Create authoritative backlinks 

Do thorough keyword research 

Accept reviews and testimonials 

Build brand reputation 

Improve your content 

  1. Provide Optimized Mobile Experience

Website owners must provide a fine mobile experience to the visitors. If you don’t provide an optimized mobile experience, there are chances to miss out on potential traffic. You can use free Google tools like Mobile-friendly Test to determine the performance. Leading SEO Services Companies in India offer high-quality services to help you with an optimized mobile experience.  

  1. Implement Relevant Content Improvement Strategy

You must update old content to enjoy phenomenal results. You have to focus on, 

Identifying articles with decreasing traffic 

Updating content with fresh data 

Using targeted keywords 

Adding visuals 

Use competitors’ backlinks 

  1. Put Exit-Intent Popups

If you have to use popups, you can use exit-intent popups. These email capture forms show when a user is about to leave the site. Ensure that users don’t feel interrupted while engaging with the site content. 

To Conclude 

Remember the core reasons for pogo-sticking to avoid the scenario. Let the content marketing services work to ensure unique and quality content for your website. 

Contact the digital marketing professionals at Digital Infoways to find further information. 

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