Seemingly innocent habits that are harming your heart

Seemingly innocent habits that are harming your heart
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We all know the top 3 habits that can cause heart problems: weight, family history and high cholesterol. While you manage the two, the third cannot be avoided, but still, two out of three is not bad. 

But have you pondered over the habits that appear inconsequential to you and are harming the heart?

There are many everyday seemingly innocent things that we do that end up harming the heart, unbeknownst to us. It is not until your Cardiologist in Lahore confronts you with heart disease that you realize how far things have come along!


Some innocent habits that are harming your health 

Being around people who smoke 

You don’t smoke yourself because that is bad, but what about those who are close to you?

Inhaling secondhand smoke can also danger the health of the heart still. The smoke exhaled by the smoker contains harmful chemicals that when are breathed in, cause damage to the person passively smoking. 

So, not just quit smoking, but also stop being around spaces that contain too much smoke. Either meet your friends in the safe spaces with clean air, or wear mask if you cannot avoid the smoke in any way.

Being sedentary 

Most of do have 9 to 5 desk jobs, and even when we get home, we are tied to our computers or enslaved to our screens. However, our habit of sitting stationary for long periods of time is not just bad for the weight, but it also endangers the heart as well. Being sedentary for hours at a time increases the risk of heart failure. 

A quick and easy solution to this problem is by taking timed breaks. After every hour or less, get up and take a round around the office. Try to be on your feet and moving for five to ten minutes. 

If you like, you can also try the standing workstations, but standing for too long, especially in an improper posture, can lead to backache. 

Crossing legs 

Sitting crossed legs is something we are all guilty of. However, this innocuous habit has danger for the health of the heart. Sitting this way can cause increase in blood pressure, which causes a lot of damage to the heart. 

Unchecked and very high levels of blood pressure not only harms the heart, but other organs like kidneys and eyes as well. In extreme cases, high blood pressure can also be fatal as well. 

Flossing, not much 

Flossing regularly is something only a very few people do. Sure, we brush our teeth twice a day to keep the pearly whites shiny but flossing also bring benefits otherwise to the body as well. 

Regular flossing help in keeping the teeth and the gums healthy, but it is also required for the health of the heart. Otherwise, bacteria can run amok, which then also cause inflammation in the heart, leading then to greater risk of heart disease. 


You think stress is just bad for your mental health and since it is incorrigible, might as well live with it. Well stress also causes a lot of damage around the body as well. 

Too much stress causes heart rate to spike, blood pressure to increase and damage to the arteries. Chronic and long-term stress can also increase the risk of heart attack and even stroke. 

So, you must manage your stress levels. Some helpful things to do include meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques, yoga etc. 

Insufficient sleep 

Unfortunately, we live in a world in which sleep is considered as a luxury, and not a necessity. It is seen as a sign of those who are successful, but it also happens to be the sign of people who have heart disease as well.  

Insufficient sleep means that your heart is not able to get rest, running into problems meriting help from the best Cardiologist in Rawalpindi

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