Shopping For A Diamond Wedding Ring: What You Should Know

Diamond Wedding Ring
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Getting married is hopefully a one-time thing in your life, and when it comes to choosing a diamond wedding ring, you should first acquaint yourself with diamonds. You could simply walk into a jewellery store and start trying on diamond rings. However, you would be paying top dollar when you buy from a retail jeweller.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the ring that is perfect for you.

Diamond Wedding Ring


Learn About Diamond Grading

You won’t need reminding that diamonds are costly and before investing in gemstones, you should have a basic understanding of the diamond grading process. The 4Cs, namely cut, colour, clarity and carat (weight) are what determines a diamond’s quality and value, and there are organisations like the Gem Institute of America (GIA) who issue diamond certification. The custom jeweller handles the grading and presents the certificates to when you inspect the finished piece, which gives you peace of mind.

Custom Jewellery

Let’s face it, such a momentous occasion demands custom solutions; create the perfect diamond wedding ring from scratch. Talk to a leading custom maker of Melbourne handmade custom wedding rings or a specialist in your country, and you will find hand-made solutions are affordable. It is a myth that bespoke jewellery is expensive. Decide on a budget that you would spend in a jewellery store and see what the custom jeweller can create for the price.

Wholesale Diamonds

The custom jeweller has access to the wholesale gemstone market and with their help, you can acquire top-quality loose diamonds at a lower-than-normal price. When you deal with a custom jeweller, you never have to worry about authenticity as the jeweller has a reputation to uphold, so you can be sure that the gemstones are certified as authentic natural diamonds.

Calculate A Budget

You both need to sit down and decide on budget for the wedding bands. Bearing in mind the obvious expenses a little further down the road, come up with a figure you are both happy with and give the custom jeweller a figure he can work with. Most jewellery makers are happy to work within your budget and they have a wealth of experience with designs. When looking for affordable custom engagement rings Melbourne or your city offers, Google has you covered.

Matching Wedding Bands

The custom jeweller can create a matching pair of wedding rings, regardless of the style. Most men prefer a simple gold wedding band and the exact same gold can be used in both rings. If you already have a concept in mind, the jeweller can build on that. If, on the other hand, you are open to all ideas, you can browse a portfolio of the jeweller’s work to get some inspiration.

If you approach a leading custom jeweller with a view to designing and creating a pair of wedding rings, he can take your budget and make some design suggestions. One thing is for sure, you will love your wedding ring even more because you designed it yourself and a diamond ring is the best symbol of a romantic union.