10 Simple Ways to Save Money on Clothes This Season

save money on clothes
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The freshness and romance in the air in this season make anyone want to dress up and celebrate. There is a sudden need to overhaul and freshen up the wardrobes. The only fear is going a little overboard with the shopping and ending up giving a serious blow to your budget. Don’t worry, we are going to help you check your shopping spree, save bucks, and still look awesome!

I have stacked my wardrobe with some basics as well as some great picks. Thanks to party wear dresses from Maria.B. and a few more economical yet quality brands. You should try these strategies and hacks to make your spending less scary.


Top 10 Money Saving Clothing Hacks for Season

  1. Dig into Your Last Year’s Clothes.
  2. Sell Off What You Don’t Want.
  3. Mix, Match, and Accessorize.
  4. Invest in Generic Basics.
  5. Shop When Season Ends
  6. Go Easy on Fast-Changing Trends.
  7. Experiment DIY.
  8. Use Coupon Apps for Great Deals.
  9. Befriend Some Salespersons.
  10. Store All Your Clothes with Care.

Dig into Your Last Year’s Clothes

Sounds obvious? It may, but we don’t pay much attention to our stuff from last year. When we don’t take advantage of the pieces we already have, we end up overspending and wasting money on items we already own. Sort your clothes from the last year into proper categories to think of better experimenting options with the ones, which are still wearable.

For the rest, trade them with some friends or donate them to charity to make someone happy.

Sell Off What You Don’t Want 

If you are short on cash, drop your stuff off at some consignment shop. They will keep some cuts and won’t give you the full amount. But if you are wearing those items ever, it’s worth it. Go through your closet once in a while. If you haven’t worn a sweater or a dress in 365 days, you don’t need them.

Mix, Match, and Accessorize

You can expand your outfit options with some nice accessories. You can also mix and match old and new pieces to create a new look every time. You just have to stir your creativity to come up with pretty picks to wear together.

Accessories can change the outfits altogether. You can switch up your casual wear to formal with one stroke of an artfully knotted scarf or a pretty belt. Get your hands on some elegant costume jewelry too. Bring on your artsy side and make your basic wardrobe exciting with some carefully picked accessories.

Invest in Generic Basics

If you like to keep it simple, invest in generic basics. You can wear those hundreds of times and create new looks by mixing and matching.

If you are a layering pro, buy affordable basics. Since your tank tops and tees are not going to be very visible, you don’t have to spend a lot on them. Save labels and brands for the items you actually want to show off.

Shop When Season Ends 

Pre-season shopping is exciting but we have to save some bucks here. It’s wise to schedule your shopping out of season. You will get all the nice pieces without having to pay the maximum retail price. Don’t feel weird, you are saving some cool cash!

Go Easy on Fast-Changing Trends

Trends change really fast. before you save to get that nice pleated skirt that every fashionista is wearing on Instagram, you will see people hailing the next new trend. So, don’t spend extravagantly on trendy pieces. Invest in comfortable fashion and wardrobe staples, which are timeless.

Experiment DIY

No, we are not talking about sewing your own clothes. We are talking about changing the small details of some clothing pieces. You can replace the buttons of your cardigans and blazers and give them a new life. You can also try hemming your shorts and trousers for a transformed look.

Use Coupon Apps for Great Deals

We are fortunate to live in times when there’s an app for everything. Keep an eye on those great coupon apps for shopping surprises. Look up these apps on your iOS or Android to take advantage of special discounts and offers when shopping.

Befriend Some Salespersons

Fan of some specific brands? Befriend a salesperson in each one of them. Not only you will be serviced well, but they will also enlighten you about the upcoming deals, offers, and sales. If you are in love with an item with a sky-high price, ask your BFF to ping you when it’s up on sale.

Store All Your Clothes with Care

Last but not least, take good care of your clothes to last longer. Women’s clothes, in particular, last longer if they are taken care of. Hang your coats, jackets, and blazer with cloth covers on. Instead of stuffing your drawers, fold your tees and sweaters neatly. After your dry-cleaning jaunt, don’t forget to take off those plastic covers.


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