Steal The Style of Rip Wheeler from Yellowstone

Steal The Style of Rip Wheeler from Yellowstone
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Yellowstone is one of the most amazing neo western dramas we have ever seen. It was first launched in the year 2018. Taylor Sheridan is the director of all five seasons so far. He has been the true captain of the ship. He has taken the series to the most amazing heights of fame. People nearly wait for a whole year to watch the series. Such has been the charisma and magic of Yellowstone. Apart from the brilliant storyline, screenplay, and casting, people highly admire the styling and the Yellowstone outfits. The rip wheeler wardrobe, cowboy jackets, coats, and rough and tough costumes have been the hallmark of the series. Do you want to know in detail how to dress like a rip from Yellowstone? Just go through this article and learn about each detail of Rip’s exquisite dressing.

Yellowstone Storyline

To discuss the rip wheeler outfit, it is better to first learn about the series’ background and storyline. It will help you get the perfect knowledge about the wardrobe and styling of Rip Wheeler. 

 John Dutton, a loving father and sixth-generation homesteader is in charge of the biggest contiguous ranch in the country. He lives in a corrupt society where powerful oil and lumber companies bribe politicians and land grabs net billions for developers. Dutton’s property is in a continual battle with others. Yellowstone’s story is all about a growing town, America’s first national park, amid shifting alliances, unsolved killings, open wounds, and hard-earned respect.

Rip Wheeler Character

Rip Wheeler’s childhood was passed on a pig farm close to Miles City, Montana. His parents were separated, when he and his brother were in their childhood. Rip’s father was an insane character. He came to the farm to murder his boys and his ex-wife. After being knocked unconscious and seeing his father stab his mother, Rip saw his brother lying dead on the floor. Rip used a frying pan to crack his father’s skull in sheer anger. He couldn’t save his family. But he was brave enough to take revenge on his father.

With this intriguing storyline and Rip Wheeler’s character, we will discuss rip wheeler outfits, rip wheeler clothes, and how to dress like Rip from Yellowstone?

The Yellowstone Rip Wheeler Black Cotton Jacket

 It is the signature black color jacket of Rip Wheeler. In almost every season, it is the favorite Rip Wheeler Jacket from his wardrobe. He looked classy in this Yellowstone Jacket. Rip Wheeler’s perfect style combination includes this famous jacket, denim shirt, big buckle belt, and pair of blue denim jeans. A cowboy hat is a must. Rip Wheeler’s dress is incomplete without a cowboy hat. It is designed as a trucker jacket. 

Rip Wheeler’s Signature Black Shirt

My favorite shirt from the rip wheeler wardrobe is a black color shirt. He looks smart and chic in this rip wheeler jacket. People fell in love with this stunning shirt. They also want to dress this shirt and make an impressive style impression like Rip Wheeler. It gives the perfect bossy look to Rip Wheeler’s character. His position as a Ranch Leader demands this kind of classy shirt. Costume designers have perfectly fulfilled the demand of his character. 

Rip Wheeler Cow Boy Hat

A black cowboy hat is essential to complete Rip Wheeler’s ensemble. This black cowboy hat perfectly matches the persona of Rip Wheeler. It completes his classic look. It is not just a hat. It is the attitude symbol for Rip. If you want to match your looks like Rip, this classic cowboy hat is a must-have item to complete the perfect outlook of Rip.

Classic Blue Denim Jeans

If you have yet to follow Rip much, this question might come to your mind, what kind of jeans does rip wear on Yellowstone? You don’t need to bother much about it. All Rip wear is classic blue jeans. He is not fond of any other color or style of jeans. A smart blue pair of denim is what Rip needs to complete his outlook. Blue jeans are evergreen attire. Different color shirts go perfectly fine with it. You don’t need to worry too much about matching the perfect shirt. 

Cow Boy Boots 

 Rip Wheeler is part of the wild mafia but is a traditional person by heart. He knows his roots. He is a cowboy who likes styling like a cowboy. Rip adds his flair, but most of his styling is traditional. All he needs is perfect cowboy boots to complete his outlook. There is no compromise on them. No other style of shoes or boots is acceptable. Just have rough and tough cowboy boots, and you are off to perfect Rip Wheeler’s style. 

Rip Wheeler and Sunglasses 

 So far, we have discussed many components of Rip Wheeler’s styling. But there is a missing link. That is the famous Rip Wheeler sunglasses. Sunglasses are one accessory that completes the perfect Rip Wheeler style combination. He looks smart and chic while wearing sunglasses. Usually, sunglasses look a bit off under hats. But this is not the case with Rip. He looked into his style world after putting on his famous sunglasses. So if you are going to match the looks and class of Rip, don’t forget to have stylish sunglasses. 

Yellowstone Rip Wheeler Black Wool Vest 

Besides his signature jacket, Rip has often worn the Yellowstone Cole Hauser Black Wool Vest. He looked classy in this stylish vest. It is wool made vest with fine design details. Its other features are zipper closure and a rib-knitted collar. If you match the Rip Wheeler style, you need to have this stylish vest in your wardrobe. You can wear it in informal gatherings. It will make you stand out from the rest of your social circle. 

Rip Wheeler and Trench Coats

You usually don’t see cowboys wearing a trench coat. Rip has broken the barrier. He has worn the stylish Yellowstone Rip Wheeler Black Leather Coat with great style. He has put it on so effortlessly that it is a treat to watch for us fans. This trench coat depicts a bossy attitude of Rip with some style. The coat is available in real/faux leather. You can also wear it and match Rip’s bold and stylish looks. 

Rip Wheeler Mustard Jacket

With Rip, one thing is for sure. You will never get bored of the style. There are so many versatile outfits in his wardrobe. With each outlook, he comes out as a winner. Yellowstone Rip Wheeler Mustard Jacket is a stylish outfit that has taken Rip’s style game and persona to the next level. It is a cotton mustard jacket that gives Rip chic vibes. Cotton Jackets are lightweight and relaxing. You can match the Rip looks with this cotton jacket and make your style statement.