Swapnil Dwivedi: A rising SAH social media influencer MOM

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Swapnil is from Bangalore, Karnataka. She is the mother of a Handsome son. Swapnil is also an avid gardener and blogger who shares her love for gardening. She runs a successful social media presence, where she shares her beautiful home decor ideas, parenting tips, and other lifestyle inspirations.


When She was pregnant, Swapnil left her. In order to be able to work from home, she was asked to resign from the company where she was working. To cope with the abandonment and lack of support, she turned to social media. She found solace in the online community that helped her feel like she was not alone. Swapnil’s love for children and motherhood lead her to join parenting communities on Instagram.

This eventually led to her becoming a dedicated parent and SAH mom who shares tips on how to be happy as a mother on social media. She now has more than 88000 followers on Instagram.

Being a stay-at-home mom is a lot of work. Being on social media means being independent, brave, and a fighter. She is able to make her own hours while making time for all the important things in life that she loves, like cooking and gardening. The parenting revitalization is what she has been able to achieve by taking time to herself and creating this space that is just for her.

Swapnil Dwivedi has created an inspiring community for moms who think that they can’t do anything. She is the idol for all moms who have felt like they have no control over their lives.


On Instagram, Swapnil shares her experiences with juggling work and parenting, providing tips on how to maintain a healthy work-life balance. She has also talked about how being a working mother can be challenging but that it can make you stronger if you use the right tools to stay sane.

Swapnil Dwivedi has been recognized for her work in the field of parenting and is listed among the top 30 mom influencers of India. She is committed to helping parents understand the importance of living a more natural lifestyle with their children. She is also an advocate of parenting revitalization and has helped many parents find their way back to themselves by doing what they love again in life.

As the owner of a women’s community, Swapnil is an entrepreneur who has created a platform for women who are looking for empowerment and community. The platform provides an opportunity for moms to explore more, learn from one another, and help each other get through the parenting journey. She uses her voice to teach people how to nurture themselves. She focuses on how to improve your mental, physical and spiritual health while also raising children.


The job loss was traumatic in the sense that she lost her source of income. Swapnil was a stay-at-home mom who had been jobless for a long time. In her eyes, she could see how many women suffer from unemployment and how demoralizing that was. She wanted to change the situation and wanted them to feel confident about themselves.

Dwivedi’s first step in her journey of empowering mothers and women was simply taking a step forward. She took the initiative to start on Instagram to provide motherhood-related tips and tricks for fellow mothers. In the past few years, she has managed to garner many followers on Instagram combined and has created some momentum with her posts. Follow her Instagram pages to stay updated on her journey as a SAHM and her work as a social media influencer.