The 5 Most Common Personal Injury Practice Areas You Should Know

Personal Injury
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Personal injury lawyers are some of the most sought-after lawyers in practice. Personal injury lawyers address the issues that affect people on an everyday basis. They help victims of various incidents seek compensation for the wrongful acts of others, thus ensuring that a perpetrator of a wrongful act does not get away with what they did.

Regardless of the basis of the claim, for you to sustain a lawsuit in the area of personal injury law, the lawyer must prove two essential issues: the defendant’s liability and the extent and nature of the damages due to you. If you were unfortunate enough to sustain an injury in your daily life, you might wonder whether or not to get a personal injury lawyer. This article describes the five most common areas personal injury lawyers participate.


1.   Car Accident Cases

You probably might have guessed it in the first instance. Personal injuries sustained from motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common matters handled by personal injury lawyers. The magnitude of the damage suffered by vehicle accidents is the primary reason motor vehicle accidents are a substantial practice area of personal injury law.

Car Accident Cases

For instance, in 2021, the National Highway Traffic Safety administration recorded at least 42,915 deaths resulting from motor vehicle accidents. This is a whopping 10.5% increase from the figure in 2020. Considering how common car accidents are, insurance companies are often prepared to handle any claim to avoid paying the expected payout. If this is the case for you, you will need to seek the service of a highly qualified legal team like that available at Nicolet Law. Look them up at

 2.   Product Liability Cases

Have you ever bought a product only for it to cause you some injury? If that is the case for you, you may need to look for a personal injury lawyer skilled in product liability cases. Product liability cases address a detailed field of practice that seeks to protect consumer rights.

Every consumer must be comfortable knowing that any product they purchase from a manufacturer is safe for consumption. The manufacturer can be held liable if this is not the case.

Just as is the case with any field of law, product liability cases are very detailed. A lawyer must determine who bears the product’s liability, whether it is the manufacturer, the vendor, or the advertising and marketing team.

3.   Medical Malpractice

Personal injuries can also arise from medical practitioners’ negligence or wrongful actions. Medical malpractice lawyers seek to establish whether a medical practitioner was negligent in their actions to cause injury to the patient. In most instances, medical malpractice cases arise from the actions of a negligent practitioner. In other cases, a practitioner may have taken an unnecessary or reckless risk or failed to have adhered to a specific rule of practice.

In such instances, your lawyer must have an accurate record of all the documents to prepare and sustain a lawsuit. Therefore, if you think your medical practitioner may be at fault, find your lawyer and seek clarity.

4.   Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents related to a field of practice that pertains to the premise liability of a building. In slip and fall accidents, the accident often occurs when a property manager or custodian fails to keep the premise in a proper state of repair and maintenance. In other instances, the property manager may have introduced risks such as naked wires, water puddles, or loose floorboards or stones in a building.

While not all slip and fall accidents involve actual slipping and falling, you are likely to sustain injury due to such actions. A lawyer may advise you on who can be liable for the damages you suffer.

5.   Wrongful Death

When a party causes the death of another, the most probable cause of action is a criminal suit charging the perpetrator of the act. However, the beneficiaries of the deceased are also entitled to file a wrongful death suit against the person that caused the deaths in question. As such, in such instances, the lawyers will determine who should be sued and the damages to be paid.

Wrongful Death

Since most wrongful death suits go through mediation or settlement, you should have a lawyer skilled at negotiations to handle the matter. Wrongful death suits are often very emotional cases. Thus, you will need a trusted third party to take the case.


Personal injury lawsuits are prevalent. Therefore, just as many incidents require legal intervention, there are equally many lawyers handling the matters. Thus, ensure you get the best lawyers available to handle your case. An experienced personal injury lawyer will give you the representation you need to succeed in the lawsuit.