Oil pulling
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Oil pulling is a traditional ayurvedic remedy that evolved in ancient India. It is an effective method to cure diseases related to oral health and dental hygiene. The present-day oral hygiene methods and external medications are subjected to side effects, which has now turned many heads towards conventional dental hygiene practices. Oil pulling, along with offering dental hygiene advantages, also maintains the body’s overall well-being. In addition to oil pulling, people also rely upon other methods of maintaining oral health and the brightness of their teeth, such as teeth whitening strips, dental surgeries, veneers, etc. Let us deep dive into the science behind following this traditional practice of oil pulling of teeth and review its benefits in our daily lives.


The Need for Oil Pulling

A healthy mouth is the reflection of a healthy human body. The mouth is an organ that attracts many microorganisms due to unhealthy eating habits and vulnerable ecological factors. This may lead to oral cavities and the development of many diseases in the body, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. This proves that oral health is interlinked to the whole body’s general health. This makes it vital to take care of oral health. Current medicines’ adverse side effects and unfavorable impacts have provoked researchers to explore organic products and natural remedies towards maintaining oral health. One such natural and effective remedy is – Oil Pulling. Dr. F Karach, a Ukrainian medical practitioner, is the person behind the remarkable notion of oil pulling.1

Method of oil pulling

  1. A tablespoon loaded with oil is gargled around the mouth early in the morning on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes.
  2. For children (above five years of age), a teaspoon of oil is advised.
  3. The oil is pushed back and forth in between the teeth by circulating the oil all around the mouth.
  4. After the pulling is done rightly, the texture of thick oil gets turned into milky white, and the oil becomes thinner.
  5. The oil is then spat out, and the mouth is thoroughly rinsed with regular water.
  6. The oil pulling procedure is then completed, and you can perform routine teeth brushing.
  7. If you cannot perform the method for 20 mins, you can do it just for 5–10 min also.
  8. It should be practiced in a sitting position only.

*Note: The practice of oil pulling should only be done on an empty stomach. It can be performed thrice in a day, that is, before meals, to get faster results. Also, the oil should be consumed while performing the activity as it contains bacteria and toxins which can harm the body. Children below five years of age are not advised to perform oil pulling.

How does oil pulling work in the body?

The tongue, in Ayurveda, is considered to be associated with various organs of the body, including the heart, spine, kidneys, lungs, small intestine, etc. Oil pulling is accepted to help in the discharge of toxins through saliva. It activates salivary catalysts, which retain poisons like chemical toxins, bacterial poisons, and environmental toxins from the bloodstream and eliminate them from the body through the tongue. Thus, oil pulling is proved beneficial in detoxifying the entire body.

Some prominent benefits of oil pulling

1. Eliminates the problem of bad breath

Many people face the problem of bad breath, also known as Halitosis. While there are many potential reasons for the cause of bad breath. It includes:

  • Infection in mouth
  • Gum diseases
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • An unhealthy tongue, that is when microorganisms get trapped on the tongue.

Mainly, people use mouthwash such as chlorhexidine to treat bad breath problems. However, scientists also have researched that oil pulling is as fruitful as chlorhexidine in removing Halitosis.

2. Help prevent cavities

Those little holes in the teeth, known as cavities, are a widespread problem these days. There are many things that lead to cavities, such as:

  • Consuming high levels of sugar
  • Accumulation of bacteria
  • Poor oral health
  • Plaque

Oil pulling is known to prevent cavities in the teeth by reducing the intensity of bacterial accumulation in the mouth, thus preventing tooth decay.

3. Boost Gum Health

Gums are very sensitive are prone to get damaged very easily. Gingivitis, a gum disease, makes the gum swell and bleed. Gingivitis is caused due to the microbes found in plaque.

However, oil pulling is an ideal solution to treat gum diseases. It works by diminishing the bacteria and plaque in the mouth that add to gum illness, for example, Streptococcus mutants. Thus, it helps in promoting healthy gums.

4. Reduce inflammation

When the mouth is prone to plaque, it can also cause inflammation in the gums. When plaque remains for a longer time on the teeth, the more they bother the gingiva (a part of the gum), and this gives rise to inflammation.

The oils that possess anti-inflammatory properties, such as coconut oil or olive oil, may help reduce inflammation connected with gum disease. Thus, oil pulling proves to be efficient and effective in treating inflammation in the gums.

5. Affordable and easy process

One of the best benefits of practicing oil pulling is that it is very easy to perform and add to the daily routine. Also, it is very cost-effective. It demands just a single ingredient, oil, that is readily available in every kitchen. Coconut oil is known to possess many health benefits and thus is highly recommended while doing oil pulling. However, other oils such as sesame oil and olive oil are also preferred.

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Oil pulling is an excellent process to maintain the oral health as well as the general health of the body by means of natural and organic practice. It can be practiced by anyone and has no side effects. Maintaining oral health is very essential, and people practice many methods to enhance dental hygiene. One such alternative to oil pulling is teeth whitening strips. In the fast-paced world, where people are always in a rush and wish for a product or remedy that contributes to faster results, whitening strips work the best. It is readily available and very easy to use. BonAyu presents Teeth Whitening Strips with coconut oil and activated charcoal that whitens the teeth, improves gum health, and enhances oral hygiene to give you a beautiful, bright smile and a healthy mouth. So, get your whitening strips today and take a step towards improving your oral health!