The Best Streaming Sites To watch Movies And TV Shows 

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Are you looking for online streaming websites for free movies and TV shows? If yes, then you came to the right place. We here at stream-tv are dedicated to providing you with the best possible online movie services. In doing so, we have gathered a list of streaming websites that provide the most authentic content and a better viewing experience. We believe that by using this guide, you will be able to get all your entertainment needs fulfilled. So sit back, relax, and enjoy watching free movies with us! If you watch movies and tv shows.



Putlocker is a website that lets you watch online video content completely free. It is also called a movie streaming website or just a movie streaming site. You can watch movies and TV shows as many times as you want and there are no limits to the number of movies or TV series you can watch.


MoviesJoy is the best place for all those who want to downloader movies and TV shows online, without paying a single penny. MoviesJoy users can watch all their favorite movies, TV shows, and music videos at no cost. The site has a huge collection of famous and new movies in all genres. Users can also watch TV series, cartoons, documentaries, and other interesting videos. The website does not host any of the content itself rather it connects to third-party sites that do so. We don’t charge you anything to do so but remember that you might have to install a special plugin on your browser to play the video or you can use an external player like VLC player or KMplayer that is free. The plugins are available for free download from our site at no cost.

While we have a strict “no piracy” policy, we still believe that everyone should have access to view content when they want and where they want to.


If you’re looking for a new way to watch movies and TV shows, Yesmovies may be the answer for you. It uses the streaming technology of Google Chrome to bring you tons of free movies and TV shows from all over the internet.

The way it works is simple: you go to the site on your computer, search for your favorite show or movie, click play and then enjoy watching it in a smaller window while still being able to browse other content on your screen. It can also connect to any Chromecast device so you can enjoy watching movies on your TV.


The websites that we have enumerated are your best choice to enjoy movies, TV shows, and other content for free. However, it is possible to find other websites with such features in the same way. After all, torrent sites also offer content for free. And it is also possible to watch pirated TV series on YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo. All you need is a working Internet connection and lots of patience.