The High-Security Vending Machine Lock You Need

Vending machine lock
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It’s natural to worry about whether your vending machine lock will protect your business from theft and vandals when you’re away from the machines. Fortunately, there are Vending Machine Lock that can provide the security you need no matter how much money you’re making from each machine or how many employees you have working in your store. This guide to the high-security vending machine lock will give you everything you need to learn about this essential component of any retail business and help make sure your product or service remains safe from people who would rather steal it than pay for it!

What should you look for in a vending machine lock?

  1. Durability – A vending machine lock must be capable of withstanding being knocked over and show no signs of damage.
  2. Security – The lock should be specifically designed to safeguard the merchandise, cash and chips inside your vending machine. Choose a security bar that will withstand prying and tampering
  3. Design – Choosing a design that complements the appearance of your Vending Machine Lock is important
  4. Quick Installation – Certain locks can be attached to the frame of the front door, whereas others need to be secured around bolts on the backside
  5. User friendliness – Ideally, installation should take no more than 10 minutes
  6. Convenience for customers – Customers need access to their purchase within a reasonable time frame
  7. Customer Service
  8. Warranty
  9. Price

What is DLT Technology?

DLT Technology has been around for a little over a decade, originally created by IBM. It stores data on digital tape instead of hard drives. DLT’s speed and capacity make it ideal for applications that demand high bandwidth to store vast amounts of information in minimal time without the use of servers or external storage devices. DLT is able to process more than 550 gigabytes per hour! It makes sense then, that when there are heavy demands for fast access to large amounts of data, this technology should be considered.

That is why DLT stands out as the perfect solution for making Vending Machine Lock secure: it provides high security and performance all at once!

DLT isn’t just fast, but also economical: a large installation of these locks will last up to 10 years with daily usage.

How easy is it to open this kind of vending machine lock?

It is designed to resist an attack by professional locksmiths, including those that may use power tools, lock picking tools, or methods like a rubber ducky tool. Unlike other Vending Machine Lock that can be easily opened with a set of lock picks, you will need to go through the expense and hassle of disassembling your vending machine and taking it to a repair shop in order to pick this kind of lock. This extra layer of security makes it very difficult for unauthorized people to access your inventory. The door also features reinforced steel inserts for extra durability and a self-aligning door closer so that it always stays shut unless you are accessing the goods inside. Finally, there’s the padlock hole where you can place a padlock for extra protection from tampering. With these specifications, anyone trying to break into your vending machine will have quite a time on their hands! To make sure they don’t get anywhere near your machines, make sure to invest in some high-security keys as well. These keys feature the same quality construction as the locks themselves and offer the convenience of being able to change them out if necessary without needing a costly trip to the local hardware store.

Can you only use it on vending machines?

A really great high-security lock will also have a wide body and can go on vending machines. This locks you up in 2 ways: 1) the lock is the only thing that will open the door to get out of the machine, so no one can come and tamper with your product; 2) if someone tries to pry or cut their way into the Vending Machine Lock, then your lock may be strong enough to take a decent amount of damage before it fails. In any case, this is a very important aspect for security when choosing a lock for your vending machine. I recommend going with this particular model from OnGuard: the U-5123 heavy duty padlock. It has a wide body which makes it perfect for use on vending machines as well as other devices where size matters like file cabinets and mailboxes.

What does it come with?

One of the things that’s important to understand about high security Vending Machine Lock is the locks and other ways of preventing tampering. There are a few different types of locks and they’re made to take different levels of abuse so it’s important to make sure you’re buying the correct one for your needs. For example, an electrical lock may be overkill for a vending machine you don’t want anyone physically touching because there are no keyholes on the outside – what if someone got a set of bolt cutters? The lock does a great job at stopping people from getting into it, but not enough to keep people out who were already in. The higher security locks do an amazing job of keeping people out as well as in but obviously come with an increase in price point and availability.

Is there anything else I need to know about this vending machine lock?

You may be thinking to yourself, why do I need a high security Vending Machine Lock? or why can’t I just buy any old lock? Well, that’s because your drink vendor deserves better. If you own a beverage vending machine business, you know it takes a lot of work to maintain your machines and keep the drinks fresh for consumption. Wouldn’t it make sense then to invest in a high quality lock to protect your investments? It might cost more than a low quality one up front, but over time the benefits will outweigh the initial investment. Plus, as we all know, things happen when you least expect them to – someone might break into your building and steal everything they can get their hands on including these expensive machines. A low quality lock could break easily during an attempted robbery which means they’ll take off with all of your money!


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