The history of volleyball

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There are a few sports that emerge naturally from the evolution or merging of other physical activities. In other cases, as in cricket, their origins aren’t even that clear. The website 1xBet live cricket betting online India can be made on dozens of matches of this highly entertaining sport.

The case of volleyball is completely different to all of them. This discipline was intentionally created as a physical activity that would keep university students in shape. William G. Morgan, who was an education director, developed the sport by the end of 1895. He initially called it Mintonette. He took rules and aspects from many other sports in order to create his activity, such as:

  • badminton;
  • handball;
  • baseball;
  • and tennis.

You can visit 1xBet India to make live betting on all these sports and on cricket matches as well, and this online platform is packed with other features. Curiously, volleyball was created roughly in the same area where basketball was created only four years before.

The first rules

Morgan had big plans for his sport. He wanted that many people could play it, while also seeing professional competitions of the discipline being organized. At this moment you can make online sports betting – 1xBet is packed with possibilities to wager on the modern volleyball game.

The first rules stated that a net that was almost 2 meters high should be placed in the middle of the court. At the same time, this court should be 7.6 meters wide and 15.2 meters long. Any number of players could play in its matches, as long as they were evenly distributed among both teams. At 1xBet you can make online sports betting on many aspects that are related to the rules of the modern sport.

Also, there were nine innings in total (the same concept used for sports like baseball or cricket). However, later those innings were renamed as sets.

Becoming the modern volleyball sport

The sport was an immediate success. In fact, it was chosen by many people who saw basketball, which was also a new sport at the time, as being too physically demanding. You can now visit and explore the options to wager on dozens of matches of this sport.

An exhibition match of the sport was played in 1896. Here an observer noted that there were many volleys involved in this game (remember that the sport was still called Mintonette at the time). Because of these observations, the discipline was renamed to volleyball, as it was nicknamed as such after those observations. The rest, as they say, is history. Modern volleyball is a highly dynamic sport with multiple possibilities, and 1xBet is the best place to wager on lots of matches of the discipline.