The Popularity of Custom Tshirt Printing

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Garment printing is nothing new, the screen printing method has been around for hundreds of years in fact in some form. T-shirt printing, in particular, has become more popular than many other options for customised printing and you might be wondering why everyone is asking about t shirt printing Singapore. When you walk into any clothing store or sports store even you can find printed t-shirts by the many in all kinds of styles and colours. A printed shirt can be a statement if you want to make one, and you can choose pre-designed and made shirts or you can go the custom your own shirt route. Additions to a shirt might include different images, some text, a logo, a photo, and you might even add some extra customization with a small amount of embroidery.

Customizing shirts for organizations or sports teams

A lot of sports teams will wear t-shirts and have something printed on their shirts. Sometimes a business will sponsor their uniforms and have tshirt printing Singapore to market their business. You can get hoodies, tanks and other sportswear with different logos, images, brands and such. It is a good way for different individuals and teams can get decent uniforms for their people and in return, the organisation can get good advertising. These shirts can also have numbers printed on them, names and positions. It is a win win for both sides and it looks good for businesses being a part of the community.

Customize shirts to sell

Another reason to opt for t shirt printing Singapore is to start your own business, or to add a product to your business to sell. You can use them to spread your brand and advertise your business. It means you need to get the look right, choosing styles, materials and images that people want to wear. Some people have a favourite t-shirt for years so that could be a great long-term piece of marketing as long as you choose good quality shirts people like. You could also use some of the shirts as gifts to reward customers with, or as prices for competitions and so on. For a special occasion, you might even do a free giveaway for the first 50 customers in your store or something along those lines. If you do not have a physical shop and sell online that could still work, except it would be an offer for so many online customers.


Tshirt printing Singapore is a great way to market a business, reward customers and clients, earn money, support local sports teams and show off your artistic skills if you have them. If you do not, there are a lot of skilled printers that offer customised options where you can choose from their own designs or you can pay for help from a designer. Choose a method of printing that suits your budget, the quality of printing, how many colours you need and how many shirts you will be ordering.