The Pros and Cons of Renting a Car with a Driver in Dubai                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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Do you desire to explore the city of dreams, Dubai, from the comfort of a car, but do not have a driving license? Don’t fret, when many credible renting car services are here. The reason is that through the services of rental cars in Dubai with driver, you can hire a professional driver. Though it costs additional charges, it will provide you with an excellent traveling experience with comfort and ease. 

Dubai is a crime-free state, but checking the credibility of rental car platforms before hiring their services is a type of self-care and money-saving approach. It will not only protect you from scammers but will also help you to rent a good quality car that can perfectly complement your traveling needs and budget. 

Most people are confused about renting car services with a driver because they thought it was a waste of money. While they ignore the importance and benefits linked with this offer, especially for first-time visitors and people with no driving permit. Therefore, we have listed here all the pros and cons of hiring a driver with a rental car to explore tourist heaven, Dubai. 



Renting a car with a driver is a stress-free choice for those who are visiting the city of gold for the very first time or do not have a driving license. Some core benefits of this service are listed here; 

Eliminate The Need for a Driving License 

Dubai rental car agencies have some rules and regulations that strictly apply to all types of customers. One of the most crucial conditions to get a rented car is having a valid driving license. The most important benefit of renting a car with a driver in Dubai is that it eliminates the need for this crucial document. 


Driving a car on the mysterious and busy roads in Dubai is not a piece of cake. It requires advanced driving skills and an expert approach to traffic rules to go smoothly or stress-free. However, most people, especially beginners, are not aware of traffic rules, signals, and roads of Dubai that result in breaking rules, missing the right path, and life-threatening accidents. It not only costs fines and penalties but also wastes your time. 

Hiring a driver protects you from such fines or penalties and saves you a lot of money. Moreover, they also know all the shortcuts and easy ways to reach the destination that saves you time and you can explore more places. 

Set You Free 

Driving a car on the busy roads of Dubai is a risky task, especially for first-time visitors. During driving you need to be very attentive, focused, and careful. Hiring a driver sets you free and lets you enjoy every moment of your dream tour. The reason is that when you are not in the driving seat you can enjoy music, movies, or even your favorite food in the car. You can also listen to phone calls and capture memories from the car window. 

Expert Guide  

Drivers available with rental cars are experts and have awareness of Dubai roads, tracks, famous tourist places, background histories, and many more. Therefore, hiring a driver also provides you with an expert guide who helps you to explore this mesmerizing land from all angles, look deep into history, and know more about ancient Arab cultures. 

Safety and Comfort  

When you hire a driver, you actually pay for your security and comfort. Experience and advanced driving skills of drivers help you to go on mysterious roads and enjoy the off-road experience with comfort and safety. Their driving skills protect you from accidents and tackle extremely rushing roads with ease and speed. 


Rent a car with driver services is popular among both locals and tourists because of their money and multiple benefits. However, it also has some drawbacks that limit the number of people who use these services. Some major cons of hiring a driver in Dubai may include; 

The burden Customer’s Pocket 

The major con of hiring a driver is the extra burden on customers’ pockets. The reason is that hiring a driver with renting car services costs additional charges and you also take care of the driver during the traveling period

No Privacy 

Another major issue of hiring a driver with renting car services is privacy breakage. Most people desire to travel with their family or loved ones in complete privacy and feel discomfort in the presence of a driver. 

Final Verdict 

After going through all the brighter and darker sides of rental cars in Dubai with a driver, the ball is in your court.  However, the benefits are more appealing that can easily mask the darker side of these services. To know more about these services or get a quotation you can contact One Click Drive. It is the very first rental car agency that is known for its credibility, good quality services, and cheap rents around the UAE.