The Right Way to Take Care of Your Modular Home!

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Shifting into a modular home could be the perfect and affordable choice if you want a new place to live! In Queensland, Australia, modular homes are a sound investment that you must undoubtedly consider.

With modern fittings and stylish designs, you can choose from multiple options of manufactured homes in Queensland. Additionally, modular homes in Qld have plenty of space for you to design or style them as you wish. However, there’s a lot that goes behind keeping these houses shining and clean, always.

Keep reading to find ways in which you can maintain your modern homes.


Modern homes maintenance checklist

Buying a new house and setting it up per your required design requires excellent effort. Additionally, maintaining your home is also essential for multiple reasons. Good maintenance will allow you to keep the value of modern homes in Qld high to build equity for the future.

Most of the maintenance only needs to be done annually or twice a year. Here’s a checklist that will be helpful.


The roof is a crucial part of a modern home. Checking it regularly, at least twice a year, for debris, broken or missing shingles will keep it going for a longer period. A weak roof can also lead to the air, moisture, or any other element getting into the roof cavity of your home.

One of the best solutions is to reseal or recoat the roof of your modular home. This can be a great solution, particularly if you have a flat roof! It also helps regulate your indoor temperature and keeps your home dry.


If your modular home doesn’t have a solid support structure or base, it can cause potential damages like cracks or imbalances. Modular homes are also prone to sinking and settling over time. Hence, checking them annually for the first initial years ensures that shifting or settling doesn’t occur.

If you have a cracked or unlevelled foundation, it can cause several other problems. You might face difficulty closing doors and windows as they won’t seal or shut correctly. You can take help from professionals to check if your foundation is solid or not.

Heating or HVAC systems

Cleaning out your air ventilation and heating systems often helps improve the air quality in your modular home. It also helps decrease the effects of asthma, allergies, and other respiratory or skin problems.

Changing filters and cleaning them are important for air cleanliness and system maintenance. You can also choose to thoroughly vacuum out your air systems once each year by yourself or by taking help from professionals. Such cleaning practices make your system last longer, saving money in the longer run.


You may often fail to recognise the importance of regularly cleaning your siding. It’s essential to avoid the growth of mildew and mould on the exterior panelling. If your modular home has vinyl siding, cleaning it with water and detergent is the most effective.

It can sometimes be difficult to remove mildew, especially if it has not been removed for a while. However, you can use a cleaning solution with one part chlorine bleach and three parts water.

Final thoughts

Cleaning modular homes in Qld is an essential activity that you must invest in every once or twice a year. Many manufactured home communities also provide a range of maintenance services.

Investing in these services could save you time, money, and effort.