The stages of processing for Azerbaijan online visa

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If you are applying for the Azerbaijan visa today, then you are in the right place as in this post, we are going to tell you about the easiest way to get the Azeri visa. Gone are the days when you had to rely on the direct application system via the embassy. Today you can easily take the digital route to get the visa in very less time.

In the past, one had to contact the embassy and get the visa application papers from there. The direct application method is quite time-consuming, and there is a chance that you might not get the visa if you don’t do well in the interview. Also, know that the Azerbaijani visa requirements were quite tough in the past. Still, in the last few years, Azerbaijan has opened its doors to tourists from all across the globe. Today it has become very easy for tourists to get Azerbaijan visas regardless of which country they are applying to. 

What is the process of getting the Azerbaijan e-visa?

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Azerbaijan has introduced the asan visa system, also known as the electronic visa, in the last few years. Today getting evisa Azerbaijan has become a matter of a few minutes. Suppose you are planning on visiting Azerbaijan and want to know how to get the e-visa. In that case, you need to read the stages listed below. 

  • First, you have to navigate the official Azerbaijan visa website on your browser. You can open the e-visa site on your desktop and on your mobile, whatever suits you best.
  • You will find the digital application on the website. You need to fill out this form and submit it on the site. On the form, you have to provide accurate information that can be verified. You have to provide your name, DOB, identity card details, civil status, passport number, and other relevant details. Don’t worry; it is quite easy to fill out the digital form. 
  • After you fill out the Azerbaijan online visa form, the next step is to pay the fee. To obtain the e-visa in Azerbaijan, you need to pay the fee via credit card or PayPal. You can calculate the visa fee for Azerbaijan from your country.
  • Once you make the payment, you have to submit the form. The visa authorities would verify the information you have given and send the visa in the email you provided in the application form.

It is easy to get an Azerbaijan visa using the digital platform. Now you should know that if you apply for a visa Azerbaijan online, then it is going to save a lot of your time, energy, and resources which are wasted in the direct application system. Once you get the evisa in your email, you need to download it on your mobile. You can show the visa in the digital format at the time of your flight, or you can also get the visa document printed. This is how you get the online visa.

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