The Top Fashion Jewelry Styles You Need to Know for Fall/Winter 2023

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The new fall and winter seasons are quickly approaching, bringing with them exciting new fashion jewelry trends. As the leaves begin to change and the air gets crisper, it’s time to refresh your accessory collection with irresistible statement pieces and subtle everyday essentials. From bold colors to organic shapes, these are the top jewelry styles you need to know for Fall/Winter 2023.

Saturated Gemstones

This fall, rich, saturated gemstone colors are making a splash. Move over, pastels – it’s time to embrace daring, vibrant jewel tones that pop against neutral outfits. Standout pieces like substantial cocktail rings featuring oversized citrine, emerald, or sapphire make bold statements. Stacked bracelets mixing tourmaline, topaz, aquamarine, garnet, and amethyst also make a vivid color impact. Long pendant earrings with pear-shaped rubies or oval peridot capture light beautifully. Multistone statement necklaces that incorporate the entire spectrum of dramatic hues elevate any look. These eye-catching gemstones are the perfect focal point this season.

Organic Shapes

Nature inspired, organic shapes are hot for fall. Raw, asymmetrically cut agate and crystal stones on long, delicate body chains create an earthy, boho vibe and can be found from a variety of wholesale jewelry online retailers. Chunky vine-shaped cuff bracelets resembling twigs feel fresh and modern. Pendants made from assorted turquoise, jade and onyx pieces emulate abstract leaf shapes. Misshapen baroque pearl strands provide an avant-garde take on a classic. These biomorphic shapes with uneven, hand-crafted edges give a relaxed elegance perfect for fall.

Opulent Brooches

Brooches take center stage this season as dazzling statement pieces. Look for substantial floral shapes gloriously encrusted with diamonds, rhinestones, or Swarovski crystal accents. Dramatic art deco inspired brooches with bold geometric patterns in black and gold make an impact. Whimsical brooches featuring colorful enamel, beads, or fringe create eye-catching texture. Pin these jewelry works of art on coats, bags, belts, hats, or sweaters to add sophisticated shine.

Timeless Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets, those elegant lines of diamonds or crystals, have a fresh new appeal for fall. Modern designs update this classic with rose gold links, funky asymmetrical patterns, or an alternating mix of metal colors. Wear alone as a chic accessory that subtly dresses up any outfit. For some arm candy glam, stack tennis bracelets together or pair with a chunky watch and chain bracelet. This timeless style feels right for everyday luxury.

Regal Black Pearls

Lustrous black pearls take on a richer, more ornate allure for nighttime fall style. Multi-strand statement necklaces make a stunning impression, while dramatic oversized black pearl drops on chandelier earrings up the elegance. Cocktail rings encrusted in concentric rings of pearls or geometric pearl patterns feel decadent and mysterious. Black pearl cuff bracelets add dark sophistication. Embrace the allure of noir pearls for bold after-five style.

Glamorous Hoops

From slim huggies to shoulder-grazing statement hoops, hoop earrings of all sizes make a stylish impact this fall. Bold metal hoops in silver, gold and even brass convey laidback glamour. Stacked hoops in mixed metals and differing sizes amp up the edge. For special occasions, diamond-encrusted hoops or dramatic hoops featuring colorful gemstone accents make an entrance. Hoops offer effortless elegance for day or night.

Regal Signet Rings

Signet rings imprinted with family crests, symbols or monograms are having an aristocratic moment this fall. Both men and women can rock these substantial rings to convey heritage sophistication. Go for bold antique-inspired designs featuring enamel, crystals or elevated metalwork. At cocktail parties, don a glittering initial or deco-inspired signet ring as a conversation starter. This regal style lends an air of prestige.

Delicate Layered Chains

For an everyday look with dimension, layer delicate precious metal necklaces of varying lengths. Feminine chains with tiny charms, pendants, or lockets are designed to be worn together for an eclectic stacked effect. Avoid chaos by limiting chains to 2-3 in complementing metals and stones that coordinate aesthetically. The resulting collage is artistic and chic without overpowering your look.

Whimsical Charms

Charms allow you to add a touch of playfulness to any fall outfit. Look for earrings, bracelets and necklaces accented with mini animals, inspirational words, stars, hearts, or floral shapes. Go for bright enamels and a mix of metals to liven up neutral fall palettes. Mismatched charm earrings are a way to express one’s individuality and have fun with accessories.

Boho Beaded Jewelry

For an earthy, relaxed vibe, boho-chic beaded jewelry hits the spot this fall. Long beaded necklaces with colorful stones, glass beads, pearls, or wooden elements layer beautifully over fall sweaters and dresses. Stacked beaded bracelets infuse outfits with artisan texture. Men can get in on the trend with leather and bead bracelets with natural stones. Handcrafted beaded jewelry adds wanderlust spirit.

Korean Jewelry Style

Inspired by popular Korean fashion, playful wholesale Korean jewelry pieces with whimsical charms like stars, hearts, animals, and floral shapes delivers a youthful twist this fall. Mismatched charm earrings featuring different shapes on each ear are a way to show off one’s individuality. Multicolored enamel also features prominently in Korean jewelry trends for eye-catching pops of color. Bring a mood-lifting, sweet accessory vibe to your outfits with these fun trends.

Sculptural Cuffs

Make a bold statement with sculptural cuffs this fall. Look for wide, substantial cuffs featuring striking geometric shapes, abstract patterns, or nature-inspired textures. Hammered metals, stone accents, and mixed media detailing create dimension. From pointed pyramid studs to fluid wave shapes, these artsy cuffs resemble wearable sculptures. In silver, gold, black, or mixed metals, sculptural cuffs add an avant-garde element to your looks.

Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces make a glamorous comeback this season. Cinch your neckline with a slim velvet choker for ‘90s nostalgia or opt for dramatic bling with a gemstone-encrusted choker. Metallic tattoo or velvet chokers with subtle pendants maintain a grungy edge. Wider sculptural chokers made of multichains or cutout geometric links make a bold statement. Festoon your neck with sparkling strands or keep it simple with black – the choker is back in a big way.

Sculptural Earrings

This fall, statement earrings are getting a modern, 3D update. Sculptural earrings feature abstract shaped metals, clusters of chain links, and avant-garde materials for an architectural effect. Look for earrings that resemble mini sculptures – think fluid lines, quirky shapes suspended on chains, and dimensional mixed media accents. In addition to making an artistic impact, sculptural earrings flatter a variety of ear shapes and styles. Embrace the weird and wonderful with these runway-inspired statement earrings.

Family Heirloom Jewelry

This fall, look to family heirloom jewelry for meaningful statement pieces. Vintage rings, necklaces, and bracelets passed down from grandparents or great-grandparents tell a story. Showcase Art Deco, Victorian, or mid-century pieces as wearable history. If lacking in heirlooms, emulate the vintage look with antique jewelry purchases. Let these treasures from the past inspire your style future.

Jewelry Layering

For texture and visual interest, layer multiple necklaces, bracelets, and rings in coordinated metals and gemstones. Combine chains, pendants, hoops, and bangles of varying lengths and widths for a curated collage effect. Stacking different textures like pearls, beads, and metals creates dimension. Limit layers to 2-4 pieces to retain elegance. This jewelry styling technique lets you showcase multiple trends at once.

This fall, elevate your look with jewelry that makes an artistic statement. From dramatic gemstones to delicate layered chains, Fall/Winter 2023 offers an array of exciting directions. Complement the season’s rich colors and fabrics by accessorizing with jewelry that expresses your unique style. Jewelry retailers and vendors like Tiffany & Co., Mejuri, JewelryBund and Wolf & Badger offer trendy yet timeless jewelry pieces to embrace these top trends. With selections from reputable shops like these, you’ll be fully equipped to accessorize for the cooler months in chic fashion.