The Ultimate Guide to Custom Nail Polish Boxes

Nail polish
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Nail polish is paint applied to the nails. It makes them look beautiful. This product is popular among females particularly.  After the manicures and pedicures. Beauty Industry uses this product readily.

The packaging is the most important thing that attracts customers. Custom nail polish boxes give the client the benefit to showcase their ideas. These boxes can have a lot of variations and designs.


Material of Boxes

The material used for boxes is kraft paper, cardboard, and paperboard. The cardboard is the most reliable but the kraft paper and paperboard add delicacy and beauty to the boxes. The boxes usually have kraft paper and paperboard.

To increase the durability the inside of the box has cardboard while the outside is F.

Plastic nail polish boxes are also available in the market. But to make the product environmentally friendly Paper material is preferred. Bio-degradable material like the is usually preferred.

Coatings for Finish

A good finish is important to complete the final look. There are glossy coatings for the finish. They give a very slick look to the box. While the matte coating gives a subtle look to the box. It is smooth and soft to touch and look at.

Add ons

There can be different add-ons and themes to make the custom nail polish packaging boxes stand out among the rest. The add-ons can be die-cut windows, embossing and debossing, etc. The add-ons give a charm and beauty to the boxes. They make the product stand out among the others when displayed on the shelf.

Gluing can also be an option. Gluing helps create certain details on the box i-e, and different heights and depths can be shown.


Themes can include the floral theme. Pastel and color or geometric designs as well. The box can have different shapes and sizes as well. The shapes can be rectangular.

Mainly the boxes come in rectangular shapes due to the shape and design of the bottle. But it can have square and, diamond shapes as well. These boxes are mostly in a single pack. But a pack of three is also available.

Printing Techniques

Different printing techniques are used to print the designs on the boxes. Digital printing is usually preferred. In digital printing. The print is directly taken out by a printer or plotter

While offset printing and flexography are traditional ways of printing, they require a printing plate for printing purposes. These methods are effective to cater large orders.

Wholesale orders

The wholesalers usually take the order in bulk. Due to the large order, the nail polish boxes’ wholesale price is discounted. There are different companies in the market. But the quantity for customized wholesale boxes starts from five hundred to five lakh.

There are different whole-sellers present in the market. Keeping in mind the terms and conditions one must choose their wholesaler. A wholesaler must have the following qualities. The customer service. Their knowledge about the product is important. Also, the reliability and the price matter as well.

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