Thoughtful Gifts That Encourage Spiritual Growth

Thoughtful Gifts That Encourage Spiritual Growth
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As the winter holidays approach, your mind is likely aflutter with shopping lists and ideas for the perfect gifts. Do you have a friend or loved one who is always talking about their spiritual journey? Even if you don’t understand every detail of their spiritual practice, you can encourage them with one or more of these thoughtful gift ideas.


Meditation Journal

Encourage your loved one to write down any breakthroughs or inspirations that occur while they meditate. The mind is more likely to remember important information when it’s written down on paper! Give your friend or family member a hardcover journal with high-quality paper, and include a pen with beautifully smooth ink to make writing easier and more pleasant.

Crystals and Gemstones

Does your friend tout the spiritual benefits of certain gemstones or crystals? Make a note of their favorite stones and surprise them this holiday season! Some folks prefer larger crystals to place on an altar, while others wear meaningful jewelry encrusted with their favorite stone.

Top Tip:

If your loved one is an artistic or creative person, consider gifting them emerald or panna stone jewelry. Both of these gemstones invoke those creative talents and boost inspiration!

Intention Candles

When you visit your spiritually inclined friend, do you notice a lot of candles in their home? Lighting candles is a common meditative practice for many individuals, encouraging them to gaze at the flame as they speak their intention into the universe. Shop for candles that are infused with herbs and essential oils that spark important spiritual concepts, like love, abundance, and healing.

Symbolic Jewelry

Many people who dedicate their lives to spiritual growth utilize different symbols in their practice. Some symbols remind the person of their meditative practice, while others act as talismans to ward off negative energy. Which symbols are most important to your loved one?

Look at a few of the different symbols used in spiritual jewelry and read about their unique meanings. Give your loved one an evil eye necklace if they prioritize warding off bad vibrations, or a pair of moon earrings to emphasize their relationship with the heavens above.

Yoga Supplies

Yoga is a powerful and ancient practice that strengthens the mind-body connection and encourages spiritual progress. Help your loved one practice their yoga flows in comfort by giving them the supplies they need. Examples of effective yoga equipment include:

  • A durable, non-slip yoga mat
  • Comfortable clothes that allow for flexibility
  • A large water bottle to help keep them hydrated

If you have a friend or family member who prioritizes their spiritual health above all else, show them that you care about their progress! These thoughtful gift ideas will help you encourage your loved one’s spiritual growth and strengthen the bond between you. Whether you’re shopping for the holidays or want to give them a present “just because,” your loved one will appreciate these gifts in their spiritual practice.

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